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[Oct 2007] Anthrax Vaccine Side Effects Disable Many Military Veterans, Yet Very Little Help Is Available
[June 22, 2006] Myocarditis death in soldier may have been caused by vaccines--DOD press release
[Media June 2005] 1,200 Who Had Anthrax Vaccine Now 'Seriously' Ill
[Media 10/17/2004] The perilous experiment: Four survivors of the military’s anthrax vaccine
[Media Sept 2004 Anthrax vaccine] The shots of war
[Media Feb 2004] SCANDAL OF THE ANTHRAX BABIES Five soldiers lose their babies... They all had the anthrax jab
A Dose of Reality By Timothy W. Maier
[September 16, 2003] Mystery deaths fuel vaccine anxieties
[2003] Anthrax vaccine tied to U.S. troop deaths?

[Media 12/2003 Anthrax vaccine, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia] LOCAL SOLDIER GIVEN ANTHRAX VACCINE 
[Media Nov 2003
anthrax, smallpox, MMR vaccines] U.S. Soldier's Death Is Tied To Vaccines
[Media UK, May 2003--Osteoporosis]
Soldier hails Gulf case win
[Media UK, April 2003] GULF WAR JABS 'LIES' BY HOON   
[Media US, Vaccines] Ready to deploy, reservist dies
[Media USA, 13 Feb 2003 fatigue, memory loss, anxiety attacks, irritable bowel syndrome and skin irritations.] War veteran says vaccines made her ill
[Media Nov 2002] THE POISON VACCINE How the health of hundreds of American soldiers was seriously damaged after anthrax inoculations
[Media oct 2002 motor neuron disease & gulf war vaccines] Seven-year-old girl remembers her Dad at poppy appeal launch
[Media UK, Oct 1998, Anthrax, DPT vaccines---asthma and a neurological condition] Gulf War veteran says he was a guinea pig (Andrew Black)
[Media April 2001---chronic fatigue syndrome, liver damage]  Ill captain blames anthrax (vaccine) By JOHN F. LAUERMAN

[Media 1999] Vaccine At Dover Made Dozens Ill

[2005 Anthrax vaccine] An Incomplete Picture   Despite promises that hospitalizations after anthrax vaccinations would be reported, the Pentagon withheld data on more than 20,000 cases.
[Media Sept 2005] Medics reminded: Shots for anthrax are voluntary
[Media Sept 2005] Judge allows anthrax lawsuit to continue
[Media Sept 2005] U.S. Court Orders Detailed Instructions Be Given to Military Personnel Before Anthrax Vaccination
[Media Dec 2004] Dover short pilots since vaccine order
[Media Oct 2004] Castle insists on response from military, Pentagon asserts vaccine program safe to continue
[Media March 2004] Growing Doubts On Vaccine In Military
[Media Feb 2004] Gulf war syndrome: the legal case collapses
[Media AUS, Feb 2003]
Sailors refusing anthrax vaccine picketed by peers & Sailors treated unfairly: AMA chief
[Media USA, Feb 2003 Anthrax vaccine] Vaccine dangerous: US expert
[Media UK, 11 February, 2003] Anthrax jab rejected by half troops