Hepatitis B


Art Exhibit Project – By Hepatitis B Vaccine Victims
We are a group of French individuals and associations keen to provide an opportunity for Hepatitis B vaccine victims to share their experience. As such, we have come up with the idea of organising an art exhibit in the autumn of 2008. This would provide the individuals who suffer from the side effects of this vaccine an opportunity to communicate what they have been through and to “tell it like it is”, in an environment where the medical profession, social services and local authorities do not allow them to voice their experience. We write to you because you have demonstrated in the past that you are sensitive to the issues of vaccine damage, and have been a source of assistance and support to vaccine victims.  We hope that you will be motivated to circulate this information to Hepatitis B vaccine victims, encouraging them to take part in this project. We look forward to hearing from you and to receiving your support. We would be delighted if you wanted to join our team and help us to organise this event.  We would need to hear from you before the end of 2007 because the artists will need time to produce their works of art and we would like all entries to be with us by the end of February 2008, targeting a launch in the autumn of 2008.
We are hoping that it will empower these victims, enabling them to break out of their isolation, even complete destitution at times.  The medical profession, governmental authorities and social services all refuse to acknowledge their state so the plight of these poor victims who have been totally abandoned and left to their own devices is real.
Didier Tarte (on behalf of the coalition)
29, rue Charles Corbeau   27000 EVREUX    Tél. +33 8 71 49 93 97 didier.tarte@voila.fr