19 January 2010

Medical doctor, Jytte Hestbech, Copenhagen is in the unique position of being both an MS patient as well as former vicedirector of Forensic Institute in Denmark.

 She estimates, that the authorities in advance knew the risqué of taking the vaccine against the swine flu.

It is well known, that the activation of the immune systeme may contribute to a process of disease-development or lead to relapse in the group of autoimmune diseases as for example multiple sclerosis. In spite of this, the MS-patients in Denmark have specificially been recommended to take the vaccine, she says.

Jytte Hestbech presumes, that the authorities at some level or other have knowledge about mercury in vaccines playing a role in the development of autoimmune diseases.

The authorities have chosen to hide for the population, that there is a risk in taking the vaccine. They have also chosen to hide for patients with MS, that they run a risk of aggravation of their disease by taking the vaccine.

According to Dr Jytte Hestbech it is not easy to see through, why the authorities secretly have decided to expose the citizens to such serious dangers.

yes they knew and did nothing
j 2010-01-19 14:36:14

from my neck of the woods in ireland, i know for a fact, that all the irish media, all TD's, political parties, local councillors, some / not all hospitals, doctors, the health minister, etc etc etc etc, were notified by myself ( and no doubt by others too ) prior to the vaccination programme starting at the beginning of november 2009 in ireland, about the dangers of this swine flu vaccine.

i included in my email a link to this website, jane's interview and more. those in positions of 'responsibilty' did nothing to stop the vaccine program being 'rolled out' in ireland, then or now - even though the had the truth in front of them, they hide that truth from all.

sad that human's sell out their own, wouldnt you say?

however, many people did do / are doing their own research and went with their own feelings to say NO to the vaccine, and turn a deaf ear to the mainstream scare tactics..

but it still continues here. it's not over yet.

best wishes, j