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Another vaccine suspended in VietNam (before was Hep b and rabies and others)


Last Updated: Saturday, June 30, 2007 12:26:27 Vietnam (GMT+07)

Southern Vietnam suspends TB vaccine after infant death

Health centers in southern Vietnam were instructed Friday to stop using
BCG, a locally made tuberculosis vaccine, following an infant's death in
Dong Nai province Wednesday.

The province's Thong Nhat General Hospital said the three-day-old infant
died a few hours after being given a BCG shot made by the Ho Chi Minh
City-based Pasteur Institute.

The management board of the southern Expanded Program on Immunization also
instructed local health centers to report by July 6 the number of vaccines
still in stock.

Health authorities are conducting tests on the vaccine.

Initial investigations reveal that the hospital stringently followed all
the rules in place for preserving the vaccines and sterilizing needles.

It vaccinated 11 other babies from the same batch but they are fine.

Dr Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha of the Pasteur Institute said the BCG vaccine had
caused no fatalities or serious complications in the last few decades.

This year, in Vietnam, six babies have died and six others developed
serious complications after getting shots of vaccines against rabies,
hepatitis B, and other diseases made both in Vietnam and abroad.

Source: Tuoi Tre, Nguoi Lao Dong - Compiled by Tuong Nhi