BMJ Report (Wakefield - January 2011)
Dr. Andy Wakefield  British Medical Journal

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[2011 Feb] Andrew Wakefield's Questions for BMJ Editors

[2011 Jan Letter BMJ] In response to: Feature: Secrets of the MMR scare: How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed   I am afraid the way in which Dr Wakefield and his colleagues have been treated might as well have been deliberately designed to discourage clinicians with medico-legal practices from advising potential claimants, for fear of professional ruin. Added to the Government's assault on Legal Aid by seeking to abolish public funding for clinical negligence investigations and claims and the Jackson proposals undermining the financial viability of conditional fee agreements, this sorry episode could be seen as part of a wider long term agenda to render certain professional and corporate vested interests inviolate.
    The implication is that in the long term the medical establishment and the Government wish to make it impossible for any potential multi-party drug damage claim (or indeed any claim against NHS or private hospitals or general practitioners ) to ever receive public funding or be able to be pursued with a conditional fee agreement.
    Is that what everyone really wants? A situation where no pharmaceutical company or health provider can ever be challenged, when recent history shows that the executives of some multi-national companies have been engaging in far more reprehensible conduct than the accusations levelled at Dr Wakefield.

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