Cervarix  Bowel disease

Ceravix reaction

June 2010

Hi Im new and just joined just to say unsure of link to my daughters illnesses which are autoimmune according to her consultant both began about 3 weeks after her 2nd jab of cervarix before that she was a healthy teenage girl of 13.
    She has been ill since sept 09 until now and missed all of year 9 at school due to recurring pancreatitis and ulcerative colitis. Both diseases came on after the jab.
    After many months of hospitalisation and bloodtests, scans, ultrasounds, mrcp scans, xrays, ng tube feeding, colonoscopies she is no better and facing her colon having to come out and have a colostomy with then another lot of surgery to hopefully reverse it and final surgery to complete that hopefully that will sort the colitis out but she will still have diarrohea and side effects of all this for life then we go to the pancreatitis saga. Another lot of surgery to put stent in or cut her imflammed pancreas head off and hope she doesnt get diabetes.
    I cant prove that this happened because of her jabs but she only managed the 2 and has been ill ever since and frankly i would never consider another jab in her life for her.
    Anyone with any positive comments to help me find out who i report this to please do so as at the moment i feel isolated and dont know which way to turn.
    All i know i have one frightened little girl who has been robbed of a normal teenage life right now and facing lots of surgery as none of the drugs have worked and reached the end of the line and surgery is in consultants opinion the only answer for her now.
    If it is a conincident i still think that the vaccine initiated the diseases the consultant says her organs are attacking themselves somehow and pancreatitis is very rare in children and ulcerative colitis isnt that common either.
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