Vitamin E & cancer citations

  1. Was used to reverse oral tumour progress in animals with induced tumours---Shklar, G, et al. Journal of NCI vol 78 1987.
  2. Prevents and may even reverse tumour growth in animals with chemicaly induced tumours---Cook, MG, and McNamara, Cancer Research vol40 Apr 1980
  3. Was able to prevent expected tumours in lab animals exposed to DMBA—Trickler D and Shklar Journal NCI vol 78 1987
  4. Increases the effectiveness and sepcific toxicity of chemo agents on tumours in culture---Prasad, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Bology and medicine vol164 1980
  5. Relieves most cystic breast disease, which indicates that E can treat precancerous conditions---JAMA vol 244 1980