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Forged documents and a scientist who absconds with $2 million puts Autism studies in doubt

by Christina England

March 07, 2010 http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/144727

Autism Action Network have reported that the key scientist involved in studies proving that there was no link to thimerosal in vaccines and autism has forged documents and absconded with $2 Million.

Poul Thorsen MD Phd, a scientist at the Unversity research unit originally hired by the CDC and Prevention to prepare a series of studies, to rule out any link with the preservative thimerosal in vaccines, the MMR and autism has disappeared from the University of Aarhas with $2 million and is being investigated by the Danish police for fraud which puts the results of the studies in doubt.

Autism Action Network report the following:-

"In a statement Aarhas University officials said that they believe Thorsen forged documents supposedly from the CDC to obtain $2 Million from the University. Thorsen resigned abruptly in March 2009 and left Denmark."

The Copenhagen Post online reported that the scientist has possibly committed fraud to the value of 10 million kroner against several of the Universities research partners.

The studies that he took part in and that are now in doubt are

Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data


A population-based study of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism

Professionals around the world have believed for years that thimerosal, the preservative added to vaccines in the 1930's by Eli Lilly, is the key to autism in children.

Robert F Kennedy says that before thimerosal was added to the vaccines in the 1930's, autism was virtually unknown. However, almost immediately after the preservative was added to the vaccines, cases of autism began to emerge.

In 1989 the vaccine schedule was increased from around 10 vaccines to around 24 vaccines all containing thimerosal says Kennedy he added that thimerosal is a mercury based compound stating that no one has even bothered to check how an accumulative of mercury could affect our children.

In 2006 Boyd Haley Ph.D said "I think that the biological case against thimerosal is so dramatically overwhelming that only a very foolish or a very dishonest person with the credentials to understand this research would say that thimerosal wasn´t most likely the cause of autism."

Lisa Blakemore-Brown has always been convinced that thimerosal in vaccines has led to more cases of autism. She was so convinced that she included the fact in her book on autism 'Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry'. In her book she advised parents to go to lawyers if they thought their children had been affected by vaccines giving a list of lawyers she recommended.

She wrote:-

"Law firms handling claims against manufacturers on the basis that autism has been caused by mercury and in particular thimerosal in vaccine".

She then listed firms dealing with claims.

Her book was written in 2000/2001

Yesterday in a twist to the tale a report came out about pets showing sign of autism and autistic type behaviour after vaccines. The Daily Mail reported that in Chichester West Sussex England UK a dog was showing signs of autism after he had his vaccines.

Charlie an apparently happy and friendly springer spaniel pup was reported to have had a personality change over night, after receiving his vaccine. His owner reports that she believes that his behaviour now mirrors behaviours that have been seen in children with autism.

This is not unknown as autism was reported to have been seen in monkeys in the 1990's when they were given the same vaccines as human infants have.

After research I found this on

Unlock Autism

"The first research project to examine effects of the total vaccine load received by children in the 1990s has found autism-like signs and symptoms in infant monkeys vaccinated the same way. The study´s principal investigator, Laura Hewitson from the University of Pittsburgh, reports developmental delays, behavior problems and brain changes in macaque monkeys that mimic "certain neurological abnormalities of autism."

What will it take for the governments to realise that vaccines could be the reason why autism is on the increase? Instead of introducing yet more vaccines to an already overcrowded schedule perhaps a careful look at the vaccines already said to be damaging our children is long overdue.