Baby in Britain is overdosed with BCG vaccine and is now being treated for TB

by Christina England

March 11, 2010
A catalogue of horror stories in our newspapers may leave many parents feeling anxious as to whether those vaccinating our children are really fit to do so, especially after one baby became ill after being overdosed with ten times the amount of tuberculosis vaccine.

The baby who is currently being treated in Sheffield children's hospital in England UK, with antibiotics used to treat tuberculosis is now said to be out of danger.

Dr David Elliman consultant in community child health at Great Ormond Street Hospital told the Telegraph that

"It is not possible to catch TB from the BCG vaccine."

I find this very difficult to believe considering the fact that this newborn is now being treated with drugs for TB. The law firm Irwin Mitchell is calling for a hospital to investigate why a newborn baby has been left receiving treatment for a potentially serious illness, after it was discovered that it was a junior doctor who prescribed and administered ten times the required dose of a BCG vaccine.

Medical error involving vaccines is not uncommon. Also reported this week is another shocking account of children in Pakistan receiving a batch of out of date vaccines. It transpired that a quantity of expired vaccines for measles was given to children in one area of Pakistan leaving 33 children with adverse reactions. The Daily Times for Pakistan say that the health department staff administered the expired vaccine to the children during the anti-measles campaign and at least 33 children experienced serious reactions such as fainting diarrhoea and skin diseases.

In January of this year staff at one school went to the school nurse fully expecting to receive the shot for swine flu and instead they received a vaccine of insulin. While the staff seem to have suffered no long-term damage from mistakenly receiving the insulin injections, investigations are ongoing to determine what caused the medical error. It appears that the school nurse was responsible and she has been temporarily suspended until a full investigation has been carried out. Read fully story in ABC News report online.

These are by no means isolated incidents as last year the Daily Mail discovered that nearly 1,000 safety incidents were reported of children either getting the wrong vaccine of being overdosed with a vaccine they had already received.

The report by Breezy Marsh and Jo McFarlane stated that-

"A report by the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA), the watchdog which monitors NHS errors, looked at 949 incidents involving jabs reported in 2007. A detailed study was made of 138 of these cases, picked at random. Eight caused children īmoderate harmī.

In 36 per cent of cases a child was given the wrong vaccination. If the sample is representative, it means that hundreds are given the wrong immunisation every year. And, as the reporting of incidents by medical professionals is voluntary, the true number could be much higher.

In 23 per cent of incidents there were errors in documenting the vaccine, while there were delays in 17 per cent of cases. Other problems included incorrect storage of the jabs or out-of-date vaccines having to be thrown away."

So can we really trust those administering the vaccines that are given to our children? Clearly not, as error after error is being reported worldwide.

Jeff Audfderheide from a website dedicated to vaccine adverse reactions and educating the public said:-

"Intelligent people need to draw the line somewhere and an incident involving a newborn is a great place to start. What happened to this new born should tip parents off to ask more questions of their pediatrician. Dr. Paul Offit, who wields enormous influence with pediatricians, believes that children can safely receive 10,000 vaccines. Yet, here we have another child losing their immune tolerance by receiving too much vaccine for his little body to handle."

Jeff is right as these vaccines are full of preservatives and adjuvants which include heavy metals.

A tiny babies body is not equipped to cope with these toxins and this is worrying many professionals. One such professional is Leslie Carol Botha who is a journalist and Health Activist and editor of the Womans Health website Holy Hormones Honey she is currently advocating to green our vaccines. She is appalled by what she feels is the overdose of toxins given to very young and premature babies. She says:-

"In the United States - heavy metals used as adjuvants in each individual vaccine meet EPA standards and guidelines. What the public is not aware of - and physicians should be is that when more than one vaccine is administered at the same time, those guidelines are exceeded at dangerous levels.  What the public is also not aware that vaccines administered to infants are at the same level as those administered for adults.  An infant's neurological and immune system are not fully developed at birth.

Furthermore, and most disturbing is that guidelines for vaccination for premature infants are the same as guidelines for full term babies.  In other words if a baby is born 4 weeks early, he/she will still be administered vaccinations on the same schedule as a full term infant.  A premature infant's neurological and immune system is even less developed and less able to handle the influx of toxins to the system - than a "normal" infant.  This alone predisposes the "preemie" to additional medical/neurological problems.

One other factor that is not taken into consideration is the fact that our environment has become laden with toxic heavy metals.  Many of these toxins are passed from mother to infant in utero.  So at birth, an infant has already been contaminated with toxins  - as noted with the high rise in autism across the world. Introducing more chemical toxins into an infant's already stressed body is a recipe for disaster. 

The vaccination industry has not changed it's guidelines for developing vaccine in over 70 years. Basically, the same processes are used - even though our environment and nutritional sources have changed - and their quality declined.  It is time that the industry - develop "safe vaccines" - vaccines without adjuvants that can cause neurological damage.  The technology is there - and it is being used by the pharmaceutical companies to "test" vaccines.  It is now time to apply this "green vaccine technology" to the public.  It is in our best interest - and protects the health and safety of our newborns."

She has stressed to me personally in an interview that doctors promote healthy eating, they promote better lifestyles and yet the are prepared to inject highly toxic substances such as mercury and aluminium into the bloodstreams of newborn infants.

A BCG vaccine contains the following ingredients

BCG   Type of vaccine: Single live BCG vaccine Manufacturer: Statens Serum Institut Protects against: Tuberculosis (TB) Active ingredients: 100,000-800.000 live units of Mycobacterium bovis BCG, Danish strain 1331 per vaccine Mercury content: Nil Aluminium content: Nil Other ingredients: Sodium glutamate

Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate

Dipotassium monohydrate

Citric acid monohydrate

L-asparagine monohydrate

Ferric ammonium citrate


Looking at these ingredients contained in just one childhood vaccine, it is frightening to imagine what an overdose could do to a tiny body and yet this is what is happening in our hospitals, GP surgeries and clinics today. It is easy to see why Leslie and professionals like her are saying that we are poisoning our children with no possible way of knowing what the outcome will be.