Far-Infrared Sauna Success

Nexus vol 14, No 3, April --May 2007

Dear Editor: I would like to draw your attention to a product that I have outstanding results with in regards to my health.

I have been in the building industry for over 20 years. I first started as a painter with my father when I was 16, painting and renovating old houses.

My wife and I wanted to start a family and I went to get some tests done on my sperm count, only to find that the count was low because of antibodies. Subsequent tests found an unusually high lead concentration in my blood, which can have a dramatic effect on sperm.

Wondering how I obtained so much lead in my body, I found there was lead in the ceiling dust that has accumulated over many years, lead in paint, in exhaust and petrol and so on.

The acceptable lead content is 0.03; my lead content was 36.9, and the doctor told me it would take between 12 and 18 months to take the level down to acceptable, plus the cost of medication of about $600 every two months. I was shocked at this result and length of time. My wife did research on the net and found an alternative possibly faster and safer than what I was doing: a far-infrared sauna.

After researching extensively, I tried a Sunlight far-infrared sauna every day for three months. I then had another test done and found my lead levels had dropped to 4.4. Subsequent tests have shown my lead level has returned to nearly normal.

I think it's an amazing device: . not only do you get 30 minutes of time to yourself, you are also getting rid of all those unwanted toxins that build up in your body through just normal everyday living.

I can't say enough about the benefits of Sunlight saunas: they have saved my health and have dramatically increased the chances of having a family.
Thank you, Sunlight!

Gary O'B., Victoria, Australia