[Free front page advertising on the What To Think Network is worth millions, and this is a classic with a new sales angle on leukemia: 1) Flu vaccination is one of the more obvious vaccine hoaxes--see, 2.) The major increase in leukemia (and other cancers) followed vaccination see, so one to chew on. 3) Flu vax still contains mercury, one of the main causes of autism, see]

"Within a few years of the polio vaccine we started seeing some strange phenomena like the year before the first 300,000 doses were given in the United States childhood leukaemia had never struck in children under the age of two. One year after the first onslaught they had the first cases of children under the age of two that died of leukaemia........ Dr Herbert Radnor observed that in a small area of this little town, in an area where no cases of leukaemia had been expected or at the most one in 4 years according to previous statistics, they suddenly had a rash like an epidemic within a few blocks"---Dr Snead

"He (Moskowitz MD) also suggests a link between whooping cough vaccine and leukaemia — an association he supports with case histories from his own practice and with other clinical data."---Media article

"Many here voice a silent view that the Salk and Sabin vaccine, being made of monkey kidney tissue....has been directly responsible for the major increase in leukemia in this country"---Dr Klenner, M.D.

"Vaccination and sulpha drugs have been recognised as being directly responsible for the production of leukemia in humans."---Dr B. Duperrat of the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris, writing in the French medical journal Presse Medicale, march 12, 1955.

"MY DAUGHTER had the MMR booster at four and her arm immediately swelled up and she started to feel unwell. Within six weeks, she was diagnosed as having leukaemia, and the doctors we spoke to accepted that the MMR jab was probably the trigger for the disease by overloading her immune system."--Media letter

[Media Oct 24, 2006] Flu Jabs For Mothers To Be