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NY FORCED Vaccine Bill A10942
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 8:55 AM
Subject: [autism-223] URGENT ALERT - NY FORCED Vaccine Bill A10942 on
June 10

From Rita M. Palma
My Kids My Choice:

To All,

I went to Albany yesterday.

10942 is being pushed by many parties with $BIG MONEY$ . There was an
Assembly Health Committee Meeting yesterday. Bill 10942 was
discussed. The meeting was too crowded for me to to get in. But the
pharmaceutical company lobbyists arrived early and got seats along
with the attention of the lawmakers. THEY WANT THIS PASSED-- RIGHT

The link to 10942

The bill is frightening. Mandatory flu shots are right around the
corner. They did it in NJ--they can do it here.


More points:

1.) Sheldon Silver, Assembly Speaker (518) 455-3791, is the single
biggest roadblock to the Philosophical Exemption Bill. Silver needs
to be pushed. Fifty people in his office is a PUSH IN THE RIGHT

2.) I was told, point blank, by a member of the Health Committee
that a parent's right to choose DOES NOT trump public health (or this
parties perception of public health).

3.) The media WILL cover 50 people with a common cause. COVERAGE IS
ESSENTIAL. I have lots of media contacts at this point-- they will
all be invited.

4.) My visit made a difference yesterday-- people noticed, lawmakers

I know leaving your life for a day is tough-- I had to jump through
FREEDOM AS SOON AS IT IS PASSED. So far, there are 13 people
committed to go. We need 37 more!

I am attaching a flyer for the 'BUS TRIP TO ALBANY.' Call friends,
family. Print the flyer and hang it in local stores. Forward this e-
mail to everyone you know-- the more we get the word out, the better
our chances are of getting it done. E-mail natural healers, doulas,
chiropractors, pregnant women, health food stores etc. Forward,
forward, forward. I've already rec'd three emails from people Upstate
who are willing to meet us on the 10th so forwarding is the way to go-
- free, quick, effective.

Let me know ASAP if you can make the 10th!

Rita M. Palma
Dedicated to Informed Rights of Parents


From Gary Krasner
Coalition For Informed Choice:

The bill summary is available here:

Find legislators here:


I received word that this bill may get on the agenda and move, with
or without minor revisions.

People should be encouraged to write to their Assembly Member and
State Senator (although I do not see a Senate bill, but it could come
out), and the chairs of the corresponding Health Committees, where
the bills would go (the Assembly bill is there), besides the
Governor. But it was the Governor's Health Dept that put it in.
Perhaps the unfunded mandate is issue could resonate with the Gov.,
but one would assume that he is ok with the bills his staff is

Organizations should actively fight the bill, focussing on issues
that concern them the most.

For example, Dawn Richardson in Texas makes a good point on unfunded
mandates in a tough economy, here:

Beware of the unfunded mandate, especially in today's economy (good
argument to use on legislators). The state will have to come up with
the money for the vaccines delivered by social services programs and
the increase in insurance premiums to cover all kids of state
employees etc at the whim of unelected unaccountable members ACIP.
The state only has so much money which means other programs will have
to be cut to fund new mandates that legislators won't decide on. The
economic arguments are where I would go with people that don't
understand why this is just plain wrong.

Another argument you can make is that this bill will render the NYS
legislature impotent. The bill relegates to federal health agencies
what had used to be decisions by the NYS legislature. Ask the
rhetorical question, what has changed that warrants taking away their
power and responsiblity for NYS residents? Ask, if the legislature
had jurisdiction over the health requirements of state residents,
what is the justification for relinquishing it now? Ask them which
other states have relinquished its sovereign powers.

Another argument on this issue of state sovereignty, can be extended
to include the following Constitutional point:

There's a reason that there are no federal laws mandating vaccination
for any child in the U.S. Because unenumerated powers are reserved to
the states. Public health laws are not mentioned in the Constitution,
so it is the jurisdiction of each state to mandate or not mandate

Under Federalism though, the central government can make
recommendations to the states. That's why the CDC will occassionally
draft model legislation for the states to adopt. But it's ultimately
a state matter. The reason schools were designated as the enforcement
agency is because schools are an existing structure through which
children must intersect.

However, Bill A10942 will violate the concept of Federalism. It will
make NYS schools a direct enforcement arm of the federal government,
circumventing the state's sovereignty. How many other states thought
this would be a great idea? None.

There are health and medical issues you can raise:

One argument is that legislators will be subjecting their own
children to the fanatical whims of public health officials, whose
sole mandate is to maximize vaccination levels, and with as many
vaccines as possible. The intention of having representatives of the
people have the final decision in making a vaccine compulsory or not
was to inject a moderating factor in the decision-making process. The
legislature reflects the wishes of the public. And in the future,
there may be another controversial vaccine in which the public and
medical authorities outside of government oppose, yet health agencies
approve. Ask legislators what they would be able to do to protect
their own child from a risky vaccine that federal authorities mandate
for NYS?

Finally, a good argument relating to the medical aspect is that
federal health agencies do not use appropriate criteria for making
vaccine recommendations for vaccines, nor are the different sources
of recommendations uniform and in agreement. More importantly,
vaccine recommendations were never intended to be mandated by law.
Please elaborate on these points from the text in the attached pdf

Gary Krasner, Director
Coalition For Informed Choice
188-34 87th Drive, suite 4B
Holliswood, NY 11423

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over
public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled" . . . Richard P.


This article below contains the basic infromation on the bill:

Article excerpted from SoHo Journal 5/28/08

Act now to stop the worst vaccine law ever proposed in New York since
the invention of the mandatory schedule. Assembly Bill 10942 would
make all vaccines recommended by the CDC mandatory for all children
to attend school and, and for the first time vaccines would become
mandatory for infants and toddlers.

The bill was introduced in Rules Committee at the request of Richard
Daines, the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health.
The Rules Committee in the personal committee of the Assembly Speaker
Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan).

A-CHAMP is calling for rejection of this bill and is demanding the
passage of A5468/S3031, a bill that would give individuals a right to
a philosophical exemption from vaccine mandates. This is no time to
transfer vaccine decisions away from individuals and elected
officials answerable to the voters and give it to obscure bureaucrats
with financial ties to the vaccine industry.

Here are a few features of the proposed bill:

. Our elected New York representatives would no longer determine the
mandatory schedule of vaccines to attend school; decisions made by the
federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices would
automatically become mandatory.

. All children, infants and toddlers included, in New York would be
required to get all vaccines recommended by the ACIP according to the
ACIP schedule

. All children in New York up to age 18 would be required to get
annual flu shots.

. All girls in New York would be required to get a human papilloma
virus shot.

. All junior high school children and college students would be
required to get meningococcal shots.

. Doctors would be required to issue certificates for every shot
given and parents would be required to maintain the records and
provide them to school and other authorities.

. The rules committee claims that the new laws would have no fiscal
impact on the state despite the necessity of the state to spend tens
of millions on purchasing new vaccines, a vast increase in mandatory
record keeping and enforcement for schools, and a huge increase that
could be expected in the number of cases of neurological damage,
Guillian Barre syndrome and other vaccine-caused injuries.

We only have a few weeks to defeat this bill. Let your Assemblymember
and State Senator know immediately that a vote for this bill
guarantees that you will do everything you can to get them un-
elected. In addition to emailing and calling your local
representatives, please call Speaker Sheldon Silver and let his staff
know, politely, that this is a disastrous idea. While you are at it
please call Governor David Paterson and let his staff know, politely,
that this is a horrible law.

*Governor David Paterson (518) 474-8390*

*Speaker Sheldon Silver (518) 455-3791*

*Thomas P. Morahan (518) 455-3261 (Rockland County State Senator)*

*Nancy Calhoun (518) 455-5441 (Rockland County Assemblywoman)*
Letters are even better. All of these officials addresses are easily
available in a google search. Tell everyone you know who you think
will care and respond! Time is of the essence, so a barrage of phone
calls would be very valuable.