Lawyer Alleges Federal Plot Unleashed AIDS on Blacks

-A local black lawyer who has AIDS said he intends to take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court.



WASHINGTON -- It's an accusation that embraces the most horrifying elements
of a science fiction plot: An ultra-secret government program develops the
AIDS virus and then the Pentagon unleashes it upon the world.

The intended goal is to reduce the black population in Africa and the United

Only one voice in the wilderness tirelessly works to expose the plot with
years of digging through government records and butting heads with
government bureaucrats. Then he braces for a last-ditch battle by taking his
plea to the highest court in the land after being brushed away again and
again by lesser courts.

But this is not a movie, it's a real-life drama.

Making allegations: The allegations of a secret program to hatch the AIDS
epidemic are being made by Boyd E. Graves of Youngstown, an energetic black
lawyer who has AIDS.

Graves, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, wrote a new chapter to the drama this
week in Washington, D.C., when he formally announced his intention to refile
a suit against the federal government.

On Thursday, Graves explained that he will accuse the federal government of
developing 60,000 liters of a biological agent in 1978 that would
subsequently be known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

In a program then propelled by the Nixon Administration, Graves alleges, the
Pentagon subsequently spread the virus in Africa and the United States to
cull the black population of the world.

Smoking gun: To bolster his argument, Graves said he has located a key piece
of evidence that represents the smoking gun to his allegations. It's a
government flow chart from 1971 that provides a road map to research
programs, experiments and scientific papers that he believes were directly
involved in the development of AIDS.

A number of reports on those 15 programs still exist, he said, and they
detail every step and contract relating to the development of the human
immune-deficiency virus (HIV), which has been linked to AIDS.

Once produced, the virus was then released in Africa through smallpox
vaccines and in New York City during a controlled Hepatitis B experimental
vaccine, he said.

"The issue is not what I believe, because this is the truth and these are
the facts," he explains. "I have the program that made the AIDS virus."

Well known: Officials with the National Cancer Institute, the National
Institutes of Health and other agencies said they were unable to respond to
Graves' allegations, though he is well known to many within the agencies and
a cause of frustration because of his relentless digging for records.

"There's no one here who remembers the Special Virus Program," offered one

"We know nothing about it," said another.

"But no one denies I have the documents," Graves retorts, though he has been
unsuccessful in persuading two lower federal courts to call on witnesses to
explain those records.

Cases dismissed: In September 1999 the federal Sixth District Court in
Cleveland dismissed his claims against the government. His case then was
rejected by the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati in January.

Both courts ruled that Graves' allegations were frivolous and vague; one
judge called him "delusional."

"Graves' [sic] claim concerning the AIDS virus being injected into the
American population by the Pentagon has no basis in law or in fact, the
district court did not err in dismissing Graves's allegation concerning the
virus as frivolous," wrote the appeals judges.

Graves, a 1970 honors graduate of East High School, will formally file his
complaint with the U.S. Supreme Court on April 11 for a review of his

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