Commentary on the Work of F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP by Dr. Boyd Haley
  march 2007
Response from Dr. Boyd Haley:
Dr. Yazbak's two recent articles [referenced below] show how easy it is to
use straight-forward logic to dismantle the epidemiological research
published by those whose assignment seems to be to create a publication
record that can be used to cast aspersions on credible science supporting a
problem in our vaccine program.
The major disappointment is the lack of the majority of the medical
profession to even express a published opinion on the subject, but rather
to stonewall the issue and believe what is convenient and less troublesome.
 There is an area that is dumber and harder to fight than total ignorance,
and that area is where supposedly educated men know something that just
isn't so.  That is where American medicine is today.
So many physicians "know" there is no connection between vaccine factors
and autism because the high priest of medicine (the CDC) told them so, and
they have only the sad-sack epidemiological studies given credence by the
IOM and CDC to back up their "knowledge".  Many just look at the title of a
paper and its conclusion line in the abstract and do not study in depth the
data, and where this data came from, to see if it supports the conclusions.
 This is getting to be quite common in medical publications and reflects
poorly on American medicine.
It is individuals like Dr. Yazbak that will eventually provide the courage
and insight to correct the damage causing neurodevelopmental disorders in
our children.  He is to be admired and congratulated on the stand he has
taken.  We need many more like him.
Boyd Haley
A Tale of Two Cities: Flawed Epidemiology
By F. Edward Yazbak's, MD, FAAP
The CDC, Spinach and Autism

F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP