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Confused HPV Vaccine advocate 'doublethinks' before Govt Health Committee: "Kids who have been vaccinated have had terrible things happen to them.." by

Justin Healy, ComeLook.Org, 

08 December 2010 http://www.comelook.org/commitee.html

Why would a Medical Expert advocating for mass HPV vaccination before a Government Health Committee abruptly urge it to not take her seriously? 

Answer: Because she has just inadvertently let slip the fact that terrible things happen to kids who have already received the vaccine.

Observing the Mass Vaccination industry one is repeatably reminded of how little the medical experts who promote it deviate from the well rehearsed semantics of those talking points that have been provided to them. Think how many times you have heard the following line for example: "There is no proven causal link between the vaccine and serious adverse effects; all reports are related by time only ".  

However, an Irish Governmental 'Joint Committee on Health and Children' investigating the benefits of a HPV Mass Vaccination program in March 2008 benefited from an inadvertent off-script excursion by Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist representative, Dr. Gráinne Flannelly.

"In terms of side effects, the FDA website publishes an up-to-date account of all the adverse incidents and severe incidents relating to vaccination" she explained (in relation to possible HPV vaccine side effects).  Presumably, having checked the FDA reporting system ('VAERs') the previous month she would have seen 15 deaths and 3400 adverse reactions listed associated with the HPV vaccine 'Gardasil' in the US (all occurring in less than 20 months after FDA approval in Jun 2006).
She continued "Kids who have been vaccinated have had terrible things happen to them". 

Although evidently true, Dr Flannelly quickly realizes the self-defeating horror of her admission, and coming to her careerist senses, tries to retrieve the situation in a classic example of Orwellian Doublethink**.  Hastily concocting a plotline that owes much to the 2002 horror flick 'The Ring'*, she now attempts to construct a context in which she can somehow derationalise her previous inappropriate remark: "...one finds that some of them have been involved in road traffic accidents and other incidents not directly the result of vaccinations".  The nonsensical improvised narrative now being advanced is that this HPV-Vaccinated group were inexplicably experiencing 'traffic accidents' and 'other incidents'.  No explanation is offered for why these 'terrible things' should be happening (the implication appears to be that, just like the movie, there is some mysterious metaphysical force at work).


Then pausing, perhaps reflecting on the implausibility of the theory she is attempting to postulate (victims of car accidents do not get reported to VAERs, for example, whether vaccinated or not) she decides to change tack, sensibly urging the committee to not take her seriously "I do not know if that sums it up. That is an amateur’s version. The industry spokesperson may have more information".
The 'Industry spokesperson' in attendence is Dr. Claire Barry, medical adviser with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).  GSK is a 'strategic partner' of the Irish Cancer Society for which Dr. Flannelly is a member of the board of directors.

The supposed questioning minds of the 11 Committee members  had not found Dr. Flannelly's admission worthy of further discussion.  Some had made excuses and left early, others were making excuses and preparing to leave. No one asks what is in the vaccine - that is irrelevant.  Just as with the infallibly programmed 'NS-5s' in Asimov's 'I,Robot', these vaccines cannot cause harm to humans - even when they kill one.  One enthusiastic Commitee member expressed his 'delight' with the proposal, saying 'the sooner the programme is rolled out, the better', while suggesting: 'could it be compulsory for all 12 or 13 year old girls to get the vaccination ?'

Mass HPV Vaccination of 12/13 year olds in Irish schools began in earnest in September 2010.  There were 83 reports of HPV vaccine related adverse reactions reported to the Irish Medical Board by 19 November, including 5 incidents of life-threatening anaphylactic reactions (with several others experiencing convulsions).

The full transcript of the Joint Committee on Health and Children discussion on Cervical Cancer Control Strategies on 11/03/2008 is available here .

* In this 2002 horror movie, victims experienced a violent death within 7 days of viewing a mysterious videotape.
** According to Orwell's novel '1984', DoubleThink is to hold simultaneously two opinions knowing them to be contradictory and yet still believing in both of them.

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