Cancer  Homeopathy

How a live vaccine can cause cancer

Modern tests can only define pathology and the stages of cancer, not its pathogenesis. Particularly when the cause is a viral origin. Today cancers of infected origin are at large rather which have caused a terror as well. Such as Hepatitis B, C, D, Lymphoma, Sarcoma, Blastoma etc., which are also known as HIV related cancers. HIV related cancers are those which are neither Cancer, TB or AIDS but are like them.

Here I would like to share 2 of my cases which I have treated successfully. Here I am dedicating them to my guru of surgery Dr. Subhash J. Dalal from Mumbai, a legend in pediatric surgery. I have learned many surgical techniques from him above those also learned the moral of a surgeon from him. With my highly gratitude, respect and regards to him I am writing about those 2 cases where I have not used a knife neither they were undergone for radiation or chemo.

Baba Abdulla was brought to me when he was just 1 month and 4 days old (dated 13.01.2000). He was listless yet active with a huge Hydrocephalus and head haemorrhagic CSF (Cerebro spinal fluid). He was brought from Nagpur Medical College to the Bombay Hospital of Mumbai with a diagnosis C.A. brain and was advised immediate surgery with a hope of 50% success. Here at this point parents had drawn the line and preferred homeopathy. This is how the child had come to me.

In his history the significant information to which I gave importance was that, that he was circumcised when was 8 days old and also on the same day he received 2 live vaccines, one was BCG another was OPV. History revealed that after which was treated with allopathic medicines it is because he suffered with fever and convulsions after the vaccines and circumcisions. But as he started showing the signs of hydrocephalus was investigated in a teaching hospital of Nagpur form where was sent to Bombay Hospital for the treatment, here investigated again and was found mass inside his brain which was more likely a cancer and suggested surgery to open his scull and then will be decided what to do whether after the surgery the child would be needing radiation and also chemo and the cost of the treatment would be many lakhs and with no guarantee. That was the reason for the parents to look for the alternatives. A dose of Thuja followed by Nosode-1 (Maul Haleeb) stabilized the case. The further complimentary medicines for this child were Phosphorus and Silicea as per the law of similia when the child needed them.


Now another case, this boy Naushad (7yr. old) had brain tumour and declared incurable. His father Jamshed Ali Shah was an artisan worker. History revealed that the child was admitted to a neuro-surgery unit of KEM Hospital (I.P. No. 06/1037) on 11.02.2006. He had enhanced hydrocephalus and for that was once operated, now his MRI of brain from the same hospital was revealing a huge mass inside. He was discharged on 15.02.2006 since nothing was possible at that stage. He was declared incurable by all stand points. They asked the parents to take the child home, since he would die any time after suggesting him some symptomatic medications.

This is how he was brought to us for an alternative. However, we treated him and see how he is. In his case the significant point was to be observed was that at the age of one year he had some convulsions and fevers. His mother was a TB patient. He was there in the hospital when mother was receiving treatment for TB and he was receiving oral polio drops. Mother died he developed some TB infection of his brain and for that was operated. Surprisingly even after the surgery the child was receiving oral polio drops as per routine considering him as a normal child. He was discharged from the hospital but there after was getting recurrently some or the other problems. Finally was this, his half of the brain was occupied by a mass which they said was Glioblastoma. Homeopathically when was treated the mass converted into infective state and finally was got cured.

Do you know what was his remedy or remedies for which you can refer my book ‘Surgery without Knife’. Here the principle remedy which resolved his brain mass was the polio drops itself. In my dictionary of Nosodes it is No. 10 and I named this Nosode as Opivinum.

Today's cancers are mostly of infective nature, particularly which are being occurring amongst younger children, which are, sometimes, also known as HIV related cancers. Means they are related to the immunity of a person and not to AIDS, Cancer or TB. They are like them and the characteristics of these cancers are changeability and involving multi organs therefore our conventional treatment which is, so called, known for the cancer therapy like chemo or radiation or even the early surgery is going to fail here.