How Unfortunate! 2 March 2010
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F. Edward Yazbak MD, FAAP, 
Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540

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Re: How Unfortunate!



The question is really not "What took the Lancet so long?" The question is: “Why did the GMC take so long and spend all this money and effort without interviewing all available parents and grandparents of the children who supposedly were tortured and traumatized at the GI unit at the Royal Free Hospital?"

Take me for example. I am the grandfather of one of those children. I am a pediatrician, a former assistant clinical director of a teaching hospital and a former director of pediatrics in a community hospital. I know and understand “Quality of Care” inside out: I taught it to residents and required it from staff.

I certainly can state without hesitation that we were always treated with utmost courtesy and that our boy received outstanding care at the Royal Free. Thanks to Professor Murch, who was his doctor, the awful GI difficulties subsided gradually and never recurred. Sometimes Professor Walker Smith would see him in coverage and help us immensely. Both gentlemen were at all times caring, kind, courteous and as everyone knows most knowledgeable.

I also met Dr. Wakefield at the time and was thoroughly impressed with his on-going research and his prior achievements. I have yet to find a single valid reason for his persecution.

Our family was simply jubilant when our big boy was accepted in the “study” and we can attest that all his testing was justified, fully and clearly explained and expertly carried out. He was never hurt or injured in any way. In fact he looked forward to his trips to Hampstead.

If after all this time we were asked to summarize in one word our Royal Free experience that word would be “SPECTACULAR”.

Now if I had to describe in one word my perception of the GMC hearings, that word would have to be “OUTRAGEOUS”.

What is happening to Professor Walker-Smith, Professor Simon Murch and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, three dedicated and wonderful physicians is unjust, unfair and unforgivable.

Competing interests: Grandfather of a child with regressive autism