VACCINES, “The HPV Scandal.”

Dr. Julian Whitaker’s “Health & Healing, Your Definitive Guide to Wellness Medicine,” newsletter.

April 2007

Fact 1. There is a 100% chance that Merck will make $12 billion to start, when all 34 million girls now 9 to 26 years old get the HPC vaccine, which costs $360 for the series of three shots.

Fact 2. There is a 100% chance this is another political deal between drug makers and law makers, starting with the politicians in TX, where the vaccine has been state-mandated. “In Texas, Merck gave a hefty donation to the governor, Rick Perry, and eight legislators the same day they briefed the chief of staff on the vaccine. And interestingly, Perry’s former chief of staff is now a Merck lobbyist.” VA politicians are now getting ready to vote on making the HPV vaccine state-mandated.

Fact 3. The HPC vaccine “has never been proven to actually prevent cervical cancer,” only “to reduce the risk of precancerous changes in the cervix.”

Fact 4. Only 2% of American women carry the two strains of HPV the vaccine is claimed to positively affect.

Fact 5. “Routine Pap smears detect this slow-growing cancer early, when traditional treatment is almost always successful.”

Fact 6. “Most women exposed to HPV are able to naturally fight it off without ever knowing they are infected; only a very small percentage develop problems. State-mandates require 100% of girls to get the vaccine without evidence they will get any benefit.” But will they be harmed?

Fact 7. “Vaccines are not benign agents. Hundreds of reports of adverse reactions to the HPV vaccination have been subjected to the CDC in the past few months.” “The HPV vaccine was fast-tracked through the FDA approval process. No one, and I mean no one, has any idea what the long-term effects might be!”

“We should take pause before foisting yet another vaccination upon our girls. Merck has demonstrated that they are more than willing to gamble our children’s health on an unproven vaccine in return for immense profits. This magnitude of evil is rare, even for a drug company. Using children like this..." " could be damaged with no significant benefits in sight.

“There is a way out of this. If you wish to have your daughter vaccinated against HPV, wonderful. This is a free country. But if you wish not have your daughter vaccinated, you should not have to petition the state or seek asylum from a state mandate. This is Orwellian at its worst and must be stopped.”

Write to your representatives and the media, when you see the opportunity to have an impact.