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Swine-flu - The contradictions of an "epidemic" by Hans U. P. Tolzin

Hans U. P. Tolzin, German Medical Journalist

Publishing an Email-Newsletter since 2002 (can be ordered from www.tolzin.de/newsletter )

and the magazine "impf-report" since 2005 (every 3 months)

and 3 books :

1.       Macht Impfen Sinn? (Is vaccination making sense?)

2.       Die Tetanus-Luege (the tetanus-fraud)

3.       Die Seuchen-Erfinder (the pandemic-fraud)

Organizer of "Stuttgarter Impfsymposium“ about Vaccinations, in Sept. 2014 will be the 10th event with this name.

www.impfkritik.de  (since 1999)
 (printed anti-vaccination-magazine since 2005)

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