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"the CDC lady says the vaccine being used in the clinical trials does NOT contain any adjuvant."

From: Susan Kreider  

"Kreider, Susan" <Susan.Kreider@uphs.upenn.edu>  and posted with permissions 
(PS  Susan is vaccine injured from hep b vaccine received as a nurse)

Dr. Harold Buttram and I attended this meeting in Trevose, PA on Saturday. The CDC spokeswoman was ill-informed even about the party line.

 A few gentlemen brought up the Baxter incident. The spokewoman had to check her sources and later assured us that Baxter is not among the 5 sources providing our flu vaccine.

One of the Keystone organizers made a slip about the CDC trying to “keep our kids sick” and got booed by several of us. Freudian slip? I hope that was picked up by one of the videographers.
The CDC spokeswoman botched the power-point slide on incidence of Guillian-Barre’ Syndrome. The slide (which was not reproduced among our handouts along with the other copied slides, I note) indicated one case in 1-4 million people. She ‘corrected’ that figure later, saying that 1 in 100,000 people developed GBS following the 1976 swine flu debacle. According to the International GBS Foundation (Narberth, PA) literature, the ‘usual’ incidence of GBS is 1 in 100,000 and was twice that following the swine flu vax debacle.

Moreover, as I stated in my small group Saturday, in 1994 when I filed my VAERS Report my neurologist misdiagnosed my GBS sensory-variant as “Peripheral Sensory Neuronopathy of idiopathic origin.” The administering hospital documented no Lot #s and my Consent Form said “Heptavax” rather than recombinant hepatitis B vaccine. Voluntary post-surveillance VAERS is garbage for so many reasons not lost to members our (VacLib) forum. The incidence of GBS –and its causes­are underreported.

The CDC official discussed viral “drifts” and “shifts” but failed to discuss viral “shedding” through bodily fluids. One guy in the public audience wanted to discuss “shedding.” I jumped on that bandwagon myself as related to kids receiving flu vaccines via nasal sprays. Early on I had posed to the CDC spokeswoman my complaint that while most kiddie vaccines were supposed to be available with less mercury-containing thimerosal preservative by 2001 but then almost immediately the CDC began recommending that expanding groups of children receive 2 ½-doses of regular flu shots that still contain mercury. Since the technology is available to reduce thimerosal, why are we still using thimerosal in flu shots all these years later?

 Squalene adjuvant was brought up by a few people in the audience.

 Interestingly, Dr. Buttram found a Vaclib.org exemption form in his packet! Sadly it was not in my folder or the folder of the gentleman seated to his right. Overall, Dr. Buttram and I were pleasantly surprised by the number of folks in the audience who question vaccination safety and efficacy; he counted 7 out of 8 at our table. Probably there were no more than 150 folks at this public engagement hearing. The report won’t become available until after they’ve started doling out the vaccines which they assure are voluntary (at least while the flu has demonstrated to be fairly mild.) I don’t trust the accuracy of the electronic polling that went on at the end of the day, either. The food was horrible and my nutritionist Patricia Kane, PhD would be upset with what (denatured) food choices were available; we weren’t allowed to leave.

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the CDC lady says the vaccine being used in the clinical trials does NOT contain any adjuvant. Now you know that the adjuvant will soon be added because the virus has been reproducing so poorly… Oh my nerves…


Philly, PA