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"And that’s why we have to be so certain that we vaccinate in our society."-- Dr. Tim Johnson

[You wouldn't expect a media Allopath to be anything other than a cheerleader for vaccination, and here is a fine example.  'Misinforming' is the polite word.]

[Feb 2008] Letter from Rep. Maloney's Office to Dr. Tim Johnson, GMA

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Earlier this week on Good Morning America you said that studies of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children showed no difference in autism rates (transcript below).  I wanted to call your attention to the fact that no such scientific study has even been done.  The only thing that even came close was a phone survey conducted last year by Survey USA and commissioned by Generation Rescue, which showed that vaccinated boys were more than twice as likely to have autism than unvaccinated boys.  Letter from Rep. Maloney's Office to Dr. Tim Johnson, GMA

Quotes by Johnson:
Youíre talking about autism in this case and the fact that most children get vaccinated. So you have side by side two very commonly occurring events in early childhood. When it occurs in a child, that is a child that gets vaccinated and then develops autism, itís very natural that a parent would put the two together. Thatís an association. But the job of science is to prove that itís true cause and effect. And the way we do that traditionally, in this case the way itís been done already, is to take a look at a group of autistic children and see if thereís any difference in the rate of autism among those children who were vaccinated and those who were not. And when they did that in the study referred to in the piece earlier, printed in The Lancet last June, there was no difference. That suggests that while there may be a causation ó that is, a coincidence in time, there is no true scientific cause and effect. Thatís what we have to do for all of these kinds of problems when they arise. And every time weíve tried to look at them with vaccines, we can not prove cause and effect. Katz on Nightline 1999

There never has been an industry or government study comparing 100% unvaccinated kids to vaccinated.  See: Never unvaccinated controls  Unvaccinated children healthier

I have to say just flatly from a medical point of view, there should be no debate. That is the benefits of vaccines so clearly outweigh potential risks. Katz on Nightline 1999

Absolute bullshit. See: Benefits Outweigh Risks

Itís appealing on the surface to say an individual has the right to do what they want. The problem when it comes to vaccines and infectious disease is that if enough individuals start making that decision, all of a sudden you reach a point where the immunity that has been caused by the vaccine will start to disappear and all of us will be at risk. Ten years ago, when there was concern about the measles vaccine, measles vaccinations dropped by 10 percent. In a relatively short time we had an epidemic of measles. Over 55,000 cases, 120 deaths. So, what an individual does doesnít just affect that individual, but it can affect all of us. And thatís why we have to be so certain that we vaccinate in our society. Katz on Nightline 1999

The Institute of Medicine, which I think is an impeccably independent body, has looked at all the evidence and said there's no connection. I think that's the truth. [Feb 2008] Letter from Rep. Maloney's Office to Dr. Tim Johnson, GMA

Authority ploy. ' impeccably independent' my ass.  The IOM is just another deep cover shill. See: Institute of Medicine (IOM) 

Well, it's understandable why parents make that connection because their kids get shots and they get Autism at the same ages. But I have to tell you, Diane, every good study that looks at this has found no increased risk from vaccines. They look at kids who get vaccinated and kids who don't.  There's no increase in risk for autism among those who get vaccines verses those who don't. [Feb 2008] Letter from Rep. Maloney's Office to Dr. Tim Johnson, GMA

Propaganda. See: Government/industry  Vaccine autism quotes