Saturday, September 23, 1995 our (private) adoption agency phoned: our daughter had been born – could we come to pick her up at the hospital? YES!  We had planned to try to breastfeed but Kaisha was 5 lbs., a month early and having a hard time suckling.  We had no notice!  As an open adoption, the mom and dad chose us to parent their child.

 Once home, we noticed Kaisha shivered and cried a great deal.  Thinking she was cold, I bundled her tightly and kept her in a sling against my body 24 hours a day (little did I know this would be needed for 8 months). As it turned out, Kaisha was in drug withdrawal. The crying lasted up to 12 hours a day.  The tremors slowly improved and the crying was about the same when, at 2 months she had a DPT shot.  I had not heard of the possible side effects, but, concerned about the tremors, I asked our pediatrician if immunization was wise. He insisted. The shot was administered and immediately Kaisha started a high pitched scream.  The health nurse said it was normal. It lasted 13 hours. Then she slept 8 hours – she had never slept more than 2 hours in a row prior to this.   

Things got progressively worse.  The crying turned to incessant high-pitched screaming – 16-18 hours per day.  Diarrhea started two days after the shot and persisted 7 months.  She started exhibiting spastic movements.  We were referred to a neurologist.  She said there was neurological damage but refused to connect it to the DPT shot – instead she said she had a pre-existing neurological condition that would have worsened on its own anyway.  By this time I had learned that the package insert of the DPT shot (something neither parents nor patient see) itself stated a baby’s possible neurological damage, weight less than 10 lbs. and family history of severe allergies were contraindication to vaccination (all of which Kaisha had).

 The neurologist diagnosed indeterminant neurological damage, possibly cerebral palsy and/or mental retardation or delay.   She told us to sedate her (at four months).   Finally we rebelled, I said, “As long as I can walk this earth I’ll walk our baby in the sling.  You’re just prescribing something to give me rest, not to help her.   I don’t need it.”  Thank God for strength and stamina – although I fell asleep in all sorts of places Kaisha never fell from the sling.

 Our pivotal step – at four months we took Kaisha to a homeopath.  He had been a medical doctor and naturopath/homeopath in France and had treated vaccine damaged children.  He looked at her – screaming and said the first positive thing we’d heard “She’s going to be fine.”  This after the neurologist said she may not walk or talk.  The homeopath walked with us those next four months and still does.  Within weeks of therapy the screaming lessened to 12 hours a day.   By 8 months she was in and out of the sling and crawling!  At 10 months walking.  (Oh… we were told… but the drugs must have affected the learning capacity, she won’t talk). At 12 months speaking 25 words.  At 18 months 300 words. Now, 21 months, she says 3-4 word sentences.  She is a miracle child.  She is our daughter.  She has severe allergies, celiac disease and can only tolerate organic foods.  She is inquisitive, loving, creative, her own fascinating little person.

 I tell this story to promote awareness.  I encourage readers to research, read, be informed.  For some reason informed consent has not been applied to infants although it is a cornerstone of medical legal thought.  We were not told of any risks associated with the DPT shot, nor were we told certain children should definitely not receive the shot.  Needless to say Kaisha never had a second shot.  Unfortunately, I know of other children who have had second and third shots who suffered irreversible damage – one of whom is involved in a lawsuit in Canada.

 Our story has a happy ending.   Kaisha is thriving.  She’s outside collecting raspberries from our organic garden right now as her new brother, Joshua born to us March 15, 1997, nurses contentedly.


Bless you,
Mom to Kaisha, 3 1/2 and Joshua, 2