Andrew Kingoff
[back] Newsgroup pharma shills

No, you whack-job, it won't.  I prevents cervical cancer, something
that infuriates scientific illiterates like you and Not_A_Dr_Cee.

Its not about me, dumbass.  And as for you, Vince, you are too stupid
to have an informed opinion about anything.
You just feel important when you find a fellow whack-job that hates
children, women, and healthcare consumers in general as much as you

The vaccine does prevent cervical cancers due HPV 16 & 18.  They are
the cause of 70% of all cervical cancer.  You want to stop the
prevention of those cancers because some jack-ass can't do the math.
You also want to stop other forms of vaccination, such as MMR & DPT.
That puts you square in the middle of anti-vac liar land.  Enjoy
hanging out with John Whaleto and the rest of your misanthropic ilk.