Polio vaccine litigation

Margaret Tina Louise Ashe-Robinson 1997 [OPV, 1992---demyelinating peripheral polyneuropathy]

Tieasha Edinburgh, 1997, [DPT, OPV (1967)--severe and permanent injuries]

KARLEA RAE GALL 1998 [DPT, OPV-- triggering event which led to a hemophagocytic process which resulted in neutropenia which then predisposed Karlea to an invasive and fatal fungal infection]

Nancy Gherardi (IPV, 1955---polio)

MICHAEL C. JARVIS 1997 [OPV 1964--seizure disorder with permanent sequelae]
Johnson v. American Cyanamid Co (Sabine oral polio vaccine---poliomyelitis)

Michella Kairdolf (OPV 1982--vaccine induced polio)

Lisa Jones Panhorst, 2000 (contracted polio through contact with an unknown child who had recently been administered a defective dose of Orimune, a polio vaccine)

Brian Stuart (OPV/Cyanamid/American Home Products, 1978--paralytic condition)


KATHERINE WILLIAMS 1998 [DPT, OPV 1984-- optic neuritis]