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[Ad hominem.] "Its not my only argument John, but in your case, its the only argument I can be bothered to stretch to."

So, from my limited experience with this character, I would have to agree 110% that the one consistent aspect of Kev’s character is that he cannot, and will not, ever admit to being proven wrong, even if it means contradicting himself or doing a Matrix-esque dodge and weave dance that would make Neo proud. Respectfully, Brian Pamer Lies, Damn Lies and Blog Posts

Lies, Damn Lies and Blog Posts

How urban legends get started

Robert Kennedy Jr. and others point to dubious evidence, such as the myth that the Amish do not vaccinate and do not get autism. Both of these claims are not true, and the data RFK Jr. refers to is nothing more than a very unscientific phone survey (Leitch 2007).
The Age of Autism: One in 15,000 Amish by Dan Olmsted, UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL “Washington, DC, Jun. 8 (UPI) [2005] -- The autism rate for U.S. children is 1 in 166, according to the federal government.

The autism rate for the Amish around Middlefield, Ohio, is 1 in 15,000, according to Dr. Heng Wang.”

Kevin Leitch’s Jab in the Dark

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Author: Ms. Clark
It will be interesting to see how Autism Speaks and Autism Society of America make the transition from giving credence to the vaccine/autism myth, to realizing that giving credence to the vaccine/autism myth marks them as loonies.  It will be interesting to see how hard they work to expunge prior statements of support of the fringe element.   I suppose Katie Wright may become bitter and hardened toward "them", "they" who poisoned a generation, blah blah blah.   I wonder if the Wrights would divest themselves of Autism Speaks all together rather than face having to admit that their child was so wrong.