CDC  Lies


By Jon Rappoport

October 30th, 2009

 Hospitals are places where germs live and thrive in great number and variety.  Hospitals are germ incubators, and those patients who have weakened immune systems are susceptible to diseases.

In fact, in a landmark July 2000 paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, author Barbara Starfield (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health) stated that every year in the US, hospital-acquired infections kill 80,000 patients.

According to the running tally of FluCount.Org, a total of 1170 people in the US have died from Swine Flu.

This raises the obvious question: Why haven’t hospital-acquired infections—which kill 80,000 people a year—been declared an epidemic instead of Swine Flu?

Wouldn’t you think that, if the CDC were an honest agency, they would have declared a state of emergency for hospital-acquired infections?  And wouldn’t they have leaned on the press to make a big deal out of it?

Of course, everyone knows that’s ridiculous.  The CDC isn’t an honest agency.

Or how about this?  For a long time now, CDC has stated that 36,000 people in the US die every year from ordinary flu.  Not just this year.  Every year.  Yet if you extrapolate from 1170 Swine Flu deaths since April 2009, you get a far lower annual figure than 36,000.  So why hasn’t ordinary flu been declared a national emergency?

Of course, that’s ridiculous.  Everyone knows the CDC isn’t an honest agency.   

The CDC and its cohorts are desperately trying to stress the importance of getting the Swine Flu vaccine, but more and more people are staying away from the needle and the nasal-spray bottle in droves.

Do you really believe those lines of people waiting outside clinics for vaccine—you know, on the TV news—actually make a dent in the US population of 300 million people?  Do you think “everybody” wants the vaccine?  Come on.  That’s the NEWS.  That’s reporters and their editors looking for a bunch of people and filming them. �

FluCount.Org states there have been 44,555 cases of Swine Flu in the US.  Yet a week ago, the CDC director suddenly claimed that “many millions” of Americans have Swine Flu.  This absurd and unscientific and grasping-at straws comment was gauged to provide cover for Obama’s declaration of a national Swine Flu emergency.  But, on closer examination, the claim works against the CDC propaganda campaign.  If millions of Americans have had Swine Flu, and the death rate is FAR lower than the rate at which Americans die every year from ordinary flu (by CDC statistics), then Swine Flu is, in fact, causing very little harm.  It’s a mild year for flu.

Wherever the CDC turns, it’s caught in its own lies.

Well, that’s nothing new.  We’ve had SARS, West Nile, the smallpox scare, monkeypox, and Bird Flu.  They were all highly propagandized by the CDC, and they all turned out to be duds.

But this time, something else is happening.  The amount of propaganda from the CDC about Swine Flu has gone far beyond what we saw in those other “epidemics.”  And HUGE numbers of people, working on the Internet, are harpooning the lies and exposing them to the world. 

The CDC is drowning in its own web.  And after this Swine Flu insanity is over, we are not going to let the CDC or the public forget about what happened. 

The CDC is a dead duck.  If its funding were cut to zero, the level of health in the US would climb.

Realize the CDC is a government PR agency, and it has brought itself to the point where it can only keep increasing its budget if it keeps inventing new and greater health crises.  Its phony version of science is the means by which it secures such funding.

For whom is the CDC doing PR?  Those people in government who want to exert more control over citizens; and also, of course, for the pharmaceutical companies who are always looking to invent new markets and sell product.

It’s a fairly straightforward relationship.

The CDC commitment could be worded this way:

“We want more funding every year, and we want to retain our position as the pre-eminent national health agency in the world.  If we have these things, we will promote new epidemics.  We’ll give government reasons to clamp down harder on the lives of citizens.  We’ll also aid pharmaceutical companies by supplying them with more and reasons to produce drugs and vaccines they can sell.”

It’s the best kind of deal a PR agency could make.

In the real world, when a PR agency exposes itself as a gross liar, the person or company who hired it can fire it.  But the CDC is organized under the Dept. Of Health and Human Services, which is, in turn, a cabinet post under the president of the US.  So the president can’t cut the CDC loose.  Not that the president wants to.  He wants to play ball with it.

After all, the major-media television and print outlets, by and large, never question the lies the CDC feeds them.  These media outlets promote the lies, over and over. 

It’s a useful arrangement.  But let’s never confuse the CDC with science or truth.  These CDC phonies are real scientists like warthogs are running in the Preakness.

For claiming “many millions” of people have the Swine Flu, Tom Freiden, the head of the CDC, should have his medical license stripped, and he should be sent out to a deserted prairie to sweep dust and count flies.

Here are some other explosive facts reported in Barbara Starfield’s 2000 Journal of the American Medical Association paper:

US deaths per year from unnecessary surgery: 12,000.

Why doesn’t the CDC declare that a national emergency?

US deaths per year from medication errors in hospitals: 7,000.

Why doesn’t the CDC declare that a national emergency?

US deaths per year from other errors in hospitals: 20,000.

Why doesn’t the CDC declare that a national emergency?

US deaths per year from adverse effects of correctly prescribed FDA approved medicines: 106,000.

Why isn’t that declared a national emergency?

Total number of deaths in the US from medically caused damage: 225,000.  This is the third leading cause of death in the US, behind heart disease and cancer.


Because, as I say, the CDC is a PR agency, and its clients would suffer from wide exposure of this fact.

That’s the basic reason why the CDC doesn’t contact reporters and make a big deal out it.

In light of these revelations, why should you trust anything the CDC puts out?

You tell me.  I can’t think of a good reason