Lyme Warrior Awards Recipients

[Besides Lisa Masterson..]

*Other Lyme Warrior Awards Recipients*

People who clearly took personal risks to fight for others (and I am
going to forget people so give me time to finish this page):

Barbara Fitzmaurice - Gave her life, was a major Lyme player and
investigator behind the scenes- Very much appreciated and very much
personally missed. On the ActionLyme GAO Perps Squad.

Karen Forschner- Investigator- lost her son to congenital Lyme. Started
the Lyme Disease Foundation, which immediately started the attacks by
Durland Fish and Edward McSweegan, who have never relented.

Lynn Shepler- Investigator, lawyer and MD. Discovered the most
significant Conflicts of Interest in New York. First identified "Lyme
disease" as RICO- organized crime.

Virginia Sherr- Courage, Compassion and Persistence despite illness.

Pat Smith- Relentless. Started the Lyme Disease Association.

Phyllis Mervine- Relentless in California. Publishes The Lyme Times

Sarah Weiss - Blogged on the Lyme deaths, made an ALS page. Traveled
from CA to NY to attend Lyme rallies. Still a player on the newsgroup,
when most have left due to McSweegan's Disinformation Campaign and

Cindy Orlowski - Great intelligence and behind the scenes investigations
(and is just a kid). A member of the ActionLyme GAO "Pick the Perps"
Team, with Barb Fitzmaurice.

Nancy Berntsen - Kind hearted person who was attacked by McSweegan and
falsely accused of giving Steve Phillips a blow job by Edward McSweegan.
Stalked and harassed.

Margie Tietjen - Steadfast persistence, Good investigator. Gets stuff

Randy Sykes - Major Hartford Butt-kicker and Leader in Compassion and
direct physical assistance for individuals dying from Lyme in Hartford area.

John Coughlin- Cape Cod Warrior who fought alone for many years. Get's
Purple Heart, too, for Friendly Fire, like Norm.

Bob Morgenstern - Notable NY player. Fearless. Being a player is very
big in Lyme, since so few of us are able and willing to do it. Will put
his name on a document, which is a rarity, due to the relentless
harassment of Lyme victims by Edward McSweegan.

Miguel- On top of Discovery re: Kaiserfornia, which is half the problem.

Art Doherty- Organized all the grants for the OPMC complaints, shared
internet and NLM search abilities, had biggest and most comprehensive
web before mine. Everyone knows him and appreciated his work.

Jonathan Strong - Smart guy player who called a lying fool a lying fool.

GreatCod - Stays in the game and keeps us laughing

Norm Rosenthal - First in line for the Lyme Purple Hearts for taking
Friendly Fire.

Jim Wilson- Son died from Lyme complications at age 20. Runs, the Canadian Lyme group.

Bob Bransfield- Fought for years to formalize the loose organization of
Lyme specialists (MMI) into Never got credit for that.

Sam Donta- Lyme and Gulf War Illness Heroism. Harassed out of his job
as Professor of Infectious Diseases at Boston University by Mark Klempner.