by Clifford G. Miller

New information just obtained under FOIA shows in 1990 in the UK there were at least 7,480 adverse vaccine reactions and 1,990 serious ones with approximately 70 deaths associated with triple vaccines (DTP and MMR).  To get a rough idea of the figures for the USA, multiply by 5 as the US has a larger population.

Currently the chance of anyone dying of natural measles in England and Wales if there were no vaccinations is less than 1 in 55 million.  I have hard scientific fact to back that up if anyone wants it.  The chance of being struck by a bolt of lightning is over 30-60 times higher - also that is backed up by recorded scientific observations.

See Jack Ashley MP's 1990 correspondence with British government Minister Virginia Bottomley MP just released to me (see full date order bundle attached) shows there were 7480 reported adverse vaccine reactions, of these 1990 were serious ones including 70 reported deaths relating to vaccines including MMR and DTP.  

The reports were under the "Yellow Card" adverse drug reaction reporting scheme.  The Yellow Card scheme is known and accepted to catch no more than 10% of adverse reactions, so hence the reported levels of reactions (748 in total, 199 serious and 7 deaths) have to be multiplied up by 10.  The Yellow Card Scheme is notoriously flawed - see attached submission to an MHRA consultation.

However, the real level of deaths is probably higher.  The UK Spectator's Sally Clark story shows some in the British medical profession prefer a mother goes to jail wrongfully convicted of killing her child than admit a vaccine was to blame:-
What killed Sally Clark’s child?   - Why was the jury told to disregard the vaccination? by Neville Hodgkinson 19 May 2007
Also, this new information shows the  government had not implemented any surveillance on the introduction of MMR other than the fatally flawed Yellow Card scheme.  The Jack Ashley correspondence shows they brought in a scheme in Feb 1991 after there were big problems in 1990 with 748 adverse reactions and 199 serious ones reported.  This correspondence also shows there was no proper testing or monitoring of vaccines safety (and testing of vaccines on children cannot be ethical in any event - which it seem is what they were doing without telling anyone).

As for Bill Inman of Southampton University referred to in the Jack Ashley correspondence, it looks like that Unit was the only thing available standing between us and the drug companies.

See Bill Inman's extraordinary biography pages 10-11 in the WHO document this link takes you to:-

Bill Inman was responsible for setting up the Yellow Card scheme.  Incredible that is all we still have after all these years.