Child Health Safety - BMJ Stifles Debate

March 2008

From: "Clifford G. Miller"

Imagine you are an Editor of a medical journal, rightly or wrongly, considered to a world leading journal.  Assume you knew parents were being sent to jail on the basis of an unproven medical theory called "Shaken Baby Syndrome" used to blame the parents.  Imagine you are sent information suggesting children may instead be suffering reactions to medical treatment.

Should you allow full debate on such a topic in your journal so that the issues can be aired and a better understanding be gained more widely in the medical world?

Here is one or a number of remarkable contributions from Dr Michael D Innis on this subject which the British Medical Journal and Editor Tony Delamothe have steadfastly ignored and refuse to publish:-

          With regard to the merger of Post Graduate Medical Education under one authority Sir Graeme said, "The merger will ……… deliver real benefits for patients and the public, as well as for the medical profession."
Benefits and protection for patients and public, especially in the area of false accusations of child abuse, is laudable and long overdue. He can begin by asking doctors not to ask a parent to explain the bruise on the back or a spiral fracture of the femur of a 3 month old child.
How can one expect a 20 year old distressed and bewildered mother to say :
“You know doctor, there are several Vitamin K dependent proteins in the body which require to be carboxylated by the enzyme gamma-glutamyl carboxylase before they become functional. Without Vitamin K these proteins, some of which control haemostasis and prevent bruising, and others which control mineralization of bone and prevent fractures, cease to be carboxylated and hence bruises and fractures are likely to occur[1].
    And what is more doctor, last week you gave my baby an antibiotic for his cough. That could have destroyed the Vitamin K 2 forming bacteria in his gut thereby adding to his problem of a lack of Vitamin K to protect him from bruises and fractures.
    That is my explanation doctor. I hope you can understand it and don’t report me to the police or social services, they may take my baby away kill all my dreams.”
Michael Innis

          1. Innis MD. Vitamin K Deficiency Disease Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine  March 2008.   "