MMR Toxicity Explained 14 March 2010
Michael D Innis,

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Re: MMR Toxicity Explained


Joan Campbell says, and I agree with her, "it is a crying shame the way children who were damaged by the MMR vaccine have never had their day in court. This is a total disgrace when the citizens of this country deserve the truth regarding the MMR vaccine and why it is harming hundred of thousands of our children".

The truth is it is harming the children because as Wakefield and his colleagues have shown, some ingredient in the vaccine causes methymalonic acidaemia followed by cobalamine deficiency and consequently neurological lesions in genetically susceptible children.

The government is blind to this and one way out of this dilemma it seems is for doctors to forgo the five pieces of silver and refuse to vaccinate children on the grounds that the oath they have sworn, "first do no harm" forbids such an action.

Alternatively, appeal to the International Court of Justice.

Michael Innis

Competing interests: I have warned my family to beware of all vaccines.