My Anti-Vaccine Passion

Vaccines are my pet peeve in life.  The only "SIDS" case I have had in my practise (20 yrs, 800 births) was a little boy named Sam.  His Mom had him in hospital with no meds and no intervention.  She was someone I judged to be "too conservative" for me to mention the risks of vaccines.

Her baby had thrush at six weeks, so she took him to the doctor and he received an antifungal treatment for the thrush, then she drove to the public health clinic and he was given oral Polio and DPT  shot.  He never woke up for his 3:00 am feed . . . . .    I'll never forget getting the news he was dead.  I told his Mom about my judgement of  her and my cowardice to tell her about   vaccine risks,  and she slammed her fist into the kitchen wall.  I promised her I  would do everything I could  to stop this health holocaust and to never let another client vaccinate without information about the risks.

This is what drives my passion.
Jan Tritten, editor
Midwifery Today Magazine
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