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[2015 Dec] Norway: Force-vaccinated with Gardasil  No doctor will listen. They say that Caroline needs mental therapy for her sorrow after my motherís death. She has had no more tests or treatment because no one believes us. Now she feels pain in her whole body and just wants to sleep. She feels ill all the time. She hardly manages to do anything, has poor memory, heart palpitations, stabbing pain in her chest, and sometimes has breathing difficulties. She often has headaches and now has a poor appetite. She gets tired just by going to the toilet. She canít walk or cycle any particular distance Ė her legs go weak and lose feeling. She is bedridden most of the time......The nurse who administered Gardasil against my daughterís will came to our home and contacted us several times. She told us they were extremely afraid that we could scare other children about taking the vaccine and that we MUST NOT mention the vaccine in connection with our daughter being ill.

[2015 Dec. Norway] Gardasil: Hanging on to Hope  Maria (18) has been seriously ill for five years after receiving the HPV vaccine.  When she was 12 years old the Norwegian girl, Maria Lysaker Wennersberg, received the HPV vaccine at school. In April 2015 she was diagnosed with POTS which is suspected to be a serious side effect from the vaccine.   Most of the time the 18-year-old from Mysen, Norway is bedridden. Sometimes she faints daily. She has lost five important years of her adolescent life and has not been able to attend school for the past four and a half years.  Maria, who was formerly active in sports and played baseball, soccer and practiced skiing in winter, now has to be pushed in a wheelchair from her bed into the living room.  On the table is a delicious spread of sandwiches her mom, Rita Lysaker, has made. Maria eats nothing. Most types of food, including sweet and fatty food make her nauseous.  She struggles enormously with her concentration.   ĎBut the worst are the fainting spells. I canít get up from sitting to a standing position without fainting. My pulse accelerates from 50 to 150 in a snap. I can often feel it coming in advance. It begins with blurred vision and then suddenly everything goes black.í says the 18-year-old.

[2010 May] Swine flu vaccine caused deaths   Ten people in Norway have died as a result of last yearís mass vaccination programme.

MeNZB vaccine (meningococcal)
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[Oct 2006 Chris Gupta] Controversial Vaccine Exported (1988 to 1991.  meningococcus b)
Results of the vaccine trial were compiled 1991. The vaccine was providing protection in 57% of cases. That was not enough to add it to the Norwegian vaccination program. As the meningococcus b epidemic was dying out, the vaccine was never used in Norway the way it was meant to be. After the request from the World Health Organization (WHO), the vaccine was exported to New Zealand, during 2001.....As Norwegian authorities were paying compensation to vaccine victims, the same vaccine was exported to New Zealand and used on small kids. To say it nice, they enlisted hundreds of thousands of small kids into a gigantic experiment, says Jan Helge Solbakk, professor in medical ethics.

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Norwegian Vaccine Stopped.