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[Steven Novella is an academic clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine. Works with Orac on Science-Based Medicine site.  Contributes to Skeptical Inquirer magazine (see for a classic propaganda piece) of CSICOP and is a contributing editor to Quackwatch.]

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Web: Science-Based Medicine  NeuroLogicaBlog

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President and co-founder: New England Skeptical Society

Host and producer: The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.

Critique of his writing
[2010 Feb]
Dr. Steven Novella Makes The Case for Vaccine Autism Link... By Mistake By J.B. Handley

Explaining the Skeptic Guide’s Deception Regarding Autism Diagnosis

[2009 April] Dr. Steven Novella, why is this so hard to understand? By J.B. Handley

[July 2008] Dr. Jon Poling to Dr. Steven Novella: Don't Attack the Moms

"An UPDATED Review of the Doublespeak in: 'Vaccines and Autism: Myths and Misconceptions' By Steven Novella (31 March 2008; 75 pages)"

Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning I - A Rebuttal to Dr. Novella's Views (30 August 2005; 99 pages)

[April 2008] Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation, Thimerosal, and autism-related research. Medical Veritas 2008 April; 5(1): 1610-1644, with Gary S. Goldman. The propaganda dispensed by Public health care and vaccine apologists is, at best, a weak attempt to rationalize the healthcare establishment’s positions using all the tools of doublespeak or, as George Orwell’s called it in his book 1984, “newspeak”, to: (a) mislead, (b) distort reality, (c) pretend to communicate, (d) make the bad seem good, (e) avoid and/or shift responsibility, (f) make the negative appear positive, (g) create a false verbal map of the world, and (h) create dissonance between reality and what their narrative said or did not say.
    Such propaganda often relies on half-truths and/or superficially logical, but foundationally flawed, phrasing. However, this propaganda is fundamentally flawed and based on pseudo-science or non-reviewable statistical studies of medical records, where, contrary to ethical science, the study design, data selection/rejection criteria, exact approach used to evaluate the data, and/or the original data itself are kept confidential making independent evaluation/verification of the published findings impossible.

His articles
Should We Study Chelation for Autism?
The Anti-Vaccination Movement
 The Anatomy of Pseudoscience by Steven Novella, MD
The Media and Vaccines
The Increase in Autism Diagnoses: Two Hypotheses
The FDA Cracks Down on Fake Cancer Cures

Novella artwork for his article.  Wishful thinking.

Novella quotes
Vaccine critics say the increased vaccine schedule overwhelms the immature immune systems of young children. However, while the number of vaccines has increased, they are more targeted due to improved technology and scientific knowledge. Today’s vaccine schedule contains about 150 antigens (immune stimulating proteins), which is less than the 200 proteins that older vaccines contained. The Media and Vaccines

Er, what about mercury etc?

The “autism epidemic” is likely not real but an artifact of increased surveillance and a broadening of the definition of autism, which is now called “autism spectrum disorder.” The Media and Vaccines

Bollocks: change in diagnosis

The Institute of Medicine reviewed all MMR-autism data and concluded that there was no association. The Anti-Vaccination Movement

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and its report have been shredded.

Proponents of the mercury hypothesis argue that the ethylmercury found in thimerosal was given in doses exceeding Environmental Protection Agency limits. The Anti-Vaccination Movement

It isn't an argument any more, its a fact. 

Kirby tells the clichéd tale of courageous families searching for help for their sick children and facing a blind medical establishment and a federal government rife with corruption from corporate dollars The Anti-Vaccination Movement

Cliche?  That comment beggars belief.  The rest is spot on. 

I have already mentioned that the current consensus holds that there is no real autism epidemic, just an artifact of how the diagnosis is made. If there’s no epidemic, there’s no reason to look for a correlation between thimerosal and autism. The Anti-Vaccination Movement

Bollocks: change in diagnosis World Autism Pandemic

Meanwhile, evidence is accumulating that autism is largely a genetic disorder The Anti-Vaccination Movement

Bollocks: Autism and genetics

etc etc