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November 09, 2009

"Denialism"??? LOL!
Specter sounds like he copied his title from my term, "Doctors in Denial."
Actually, "denialism" is the perfect word for the CDC/AAP response to autism.

They deny there's been an increase in the actual number of children who have autism.
They deny that children regress.
They deny that vaccines trigger autism.
They deny that dietary changes can help autistic kids.
They deny that autistic kids have GI problems related to the disorder.
They deny that chelation for heavy metals can recover kids.
They deny that supplements can help.
They deny that hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves the condition.

That's a lot of DENIALISM as far as I'm concerned and the CDC/AAP win the competition hands down.

Anne Dachel

So Amy Wallace quotes this guy's book in her Wired Magazine article, an article all about Offit. And, this guy has a whole chapter on Offit where he copies Offfit's words verbatim...


I'm sure it's all just coincidence.