Educrats declare war on remaining parental rights
March 11, 2001
    THE LIBERTARIAN, By Vin Suprynowicz

  On Tuesday, May 19, 1999, Jared Salisbury, 9-year-old son of Phillip
Salisbury, a $40,000-a-year employee of Federal Express on Long Island,
N.Y., was rushed by ambulance to St. John's Episcopal Hospital, where he
died of acute peritonitis from a ruptured appendix.

  At the hospital, officials learned the Salisburys had decided not to get
Jared all his childhood immunizations -- none of which would have prevented
his death. The Salisburys stood accused of sending their children to the
Church of God Christian Academy, and of refusing the get them their
childhood immunizations, based on the father's personal beliefs that such
"shots" pose more dangers than they're worth.

  (A 1985 federal report prepared for the United States Institute of
Medicine concluded that if 3.6 million American children receive three
pertussis vaccinations each as recommended, 22 to 36 of those infants will
suffer permanent brain damage from the vaccine each year.)

  The state took the five remaining Salisbury children and placed them in
foster care, despite the fact that inspectors found all the other Salisbury
kids safe, happy, well-fed and well-clothed, and the house "reasonably
clean." Their one-year-old daughter, who was receiving only breast milk at
the time, "was weaned by force and against our will," Salisbury says.

  Salisbury's wife, Damaris, had the couple's seventh child last spring. I
spoke to Phillip when the child was just two months old. "My wife had a
baby two months ago and today they took the baby." he told me. "Our
children have always been 100 percent breast fed. The foster parent is a
friend, so we're still going to try."

  The mother will have to visit the foster home several times a day to feed
her child.

    #    #    #

  According to reporting by Cheryl Romo in the Los Angeles Daily Journal,
which covers legal matters for Southern California's attorneys,  little
Kameron Justin Demery, aged two-and-a-half, and his twin sister Karissa
appeared to be doing fine until one early morning after the
Christmas holiday, 1995.

  That was when Karissa was taken to the hospital emergency room by her
mom, suffering with what would later be diagnosed as bronchitis.

  The first thing hospital officials requested from their mom, Jacqueline
Bishop (then 29) were the children's immunization records. But since Ms.
Bishop had been persuaded by her own mother, a licensed vocational nurse,
not to immunize the twins because of the very real health risks, she didn't
have any immunization records.

  Within days came the late-night government raid in which the twins and
their seven-year-old brother were seized from Ms. Bishop by brute force.

  The twins, Kameron and Karissa, were placed in the foster care of David
and Evelyn Miller, even though the Millers had previously had all foster
children in their care removed by the DCFS because of "excessive
discipline." The Millers had also been decertified as care providers in
February, 1995 by the Foster Family Network. But reporter Romo found the
previous abuse allegations against the Millers were not reported to the
DCFS hotline. They "fell through the cracks."

  On Oct. 14, 1996, little Karissa looked on as her brother Kameron,
against whom she had cuddled as she fell asleep each night since she was
born, was beaten to death by Evelyn Miller, his state-licensed foster care
provider.  Evelyn Miller is now serving a sentence of 15 years-to-life for

    #   #   #

  I've researched more than a dozen such cases in recent months, and
experts tell me it's the tip of the iceberg. Florida child care workers
will now take perfectly healthy children out of loving homes because they
believe they're obliged to do so if a younger infant dies of crib death. In
the case of Alexandera Dykes of Colorado Springs, daughter of Travis
("Ted") and Anita Doolin of Las Vegas, the children were taken away on a
charge of "dirty home" after she filed third-degree sexual assault charges
against a male case worker who slid his hands up under her sweater and
tried to pull her into the bedroom in front of her young children.

  The presumption in America today -- first for the poor but increasingly
for all of us -- is that our children belong to the state. The state allows
those children to remain "out on loan" to their natural birth parents only
so long as you meet all the government's requirements: Every vaccination
recommended by the major pharmaceutical firms, no matter how dangerous or
statistically useless.

  No guns in the house; no strange faith-healing religious beliefs. And
you'd better make sure your kid reports to the local government youth
propaganda camp from the age of six ... or is it 5 now? ... so the local
educrats get their subsidies based on a full complement of little butts to
warm the seats ... or else.

  Now comes Senate Bill 73, pre-filed Feb. 1 for this session of the Nevada
Legislature in the name of Sen. Ray Rawson's entire Committee on Human
Resources and Facilities, since no individual lawmaker has the courage to
attach his or her name to such a monstrosity.

  The bill "requires state board of education to prescribe form for reports
of parental involvement in education of children." In other words, it would
enact Las Vegas Assemblywoman (and Special Ed teacher) Chris
Giunchigliani's longtime dream: teachers filling out report cards on

  The teachers union would help draft a form on which teachers would grade
parents on "whether the parent or legal guardian ensures the attendance and
punctuality of the pupil, including, without limitation,  whether the
pupil: (1) Completes his homework assignments in a timely manner; (2) Is
present in the classroom when school begins each day unless his absence is
approved in accordance with NRS 392.130. ...

  Also required would be "(b) A report of whether the parent or legal
guardian ensures the health and safety of the pupil, including, without
limitation, whether: ... (2) Current information is on file with the school
regarding the health of the pupil, such as immunization records ...(3) The
parent and child abide by any applicable rules and policies of the school
and the school district; and ... (c) ... whether the parent or legal
guardian: (1) Completes forms and other documents that are required by the
school or school district in a timely manner; (2) Assists in carrying out a
plan to improve the pupil's academic achievement, if applicable; (3)
Attends conferences between the teacher and the parent or legal guardian,
if applicable; and (4) Attends school activities."

  Looking forward to having your "parental report card" entered into
evidence if you ever face a child custody hearing? Starting to get the idea
that maybe *we* now work for *them*?

  This police state measure goes on to assure us that the new parental
report cards shall not "interfere unreasonably with the personal privacy of
the parent and his child or the legal guardian and his ward." But in fact,
destroying any remaining family privacy and freedom is precisely what this
slave measure is about, the trick being that educrats and teachers unions
will get to define the word "unreasonably."

  I use the word "slave" advisedly -- slaves on the plantation two
centuries ago probably had as much freedom to decide how their kids would
be raised as we'll retain when the fascists proposing this crap get through
with us.

  The premise of public education is that these "experts" with their fancy
"Ed" degrees know far more about what and how our kids should learn than do
we "uneducated" boobs. Yet they're now so desperate to shift the blame for
their failures that they seek a way to document "bad parental involvement"
as the main culprit.

  Parental involvement? Taxpaying parents who show up with detailed
instructions on the course of study and method of instruction best suited
to their individual child -- let alone concerns or demands involving
library books and sex education curricula -- need not apply. Our only job
-- as SB73 makes abundantly clear --  is to gratefully pay up, while
teaching our children to obediently prostrate themselves before the altar
of the almighty state.

  My advice? Do *not* call or write your senator or
representative to urge defeat of this measure. It'll just get back-doored
later on, slipped into law in some other bill of a different name. Nope:
They've shown us what they intend, and there's only one solution left:

  Pull your kids out of the government schools, today. Home-school every
child. Leave their charnel houses of child enslavement and family
destruction derelict and abandoned. We only think we "need" their glorified
day care services because mom now has to work full-time just to pay the
taxes on dad's paycheck ... to fund the government welfare schools. Refuse
to pay another penny in school taxes, loudly and publicly. They've declared
war on the rights of parents to raise our own kids. And if it's war they
want, Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower taught us the only terms we
can afford to offer fascists:

  Unconditional surrender. An end to the government schools. Close them all.

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