April 3. Another aspect: airports can use this pretext to come down harder on travelers and question them more closely about all sorts of matters. Where were you? Whom did you see? What did they say? Why were you there?

Now, on to more research matters. There is much material about SARS and what it may be circulating on the Internet. I want to bring up a few points that are not being discussed. For example, how you decide that a germ, any germ, may be related to illness.

There is a thing called titer. It refers to the numbers of germs present in the body. Let's say we have an ill person, and somebody finds germ X in his system. The next natural question is, how many germ Xs are there? One? Two? Six thousand? Fifty thousand?

Why is that question important? Because it is generally known that a lot of germs have to be present to do anything significant.

If only six germ Xs are there, you have nothing to talk about.

In the case of SARS, where no probable germ cause has been found, there is absolutely nothing to say about titer. "Let's try to figure out how many SARS germs he has in his body even though we don't have a SARS germ." Doesn't work. Not in this universe.

Now, a lot of pure speculations are offered when a new germ may have been discovered. You can always count on that.

"We think that even twelve germ Xs can cause great damage in the body, because we believe they turn inside out and whistle Dixie at a certain frequency that obliterates the liver."

Yes, we think so. We imagine so. We fantasize. But we know nothing.

In the case of HIV, which was never proved to cause anything, all sorts of weird and baseless scenarios were posited. HIV started a cascade of reactions in the body that resulted in the body attacking itself. HIV was hiding in the macrophages (certain immune system cells) and covertly destroying them like a stealth bomber. HIV was hiding in the spinal fluid and floating into the brain and wreaking havoc.

Compelling science fiction. People resonated with these ideas. But nothing was ever proved. It was on the order of saying, "The light from planet Lufoo is melting neural connections."

All these scenarios were floated because no one could actually find many HIVs in the body, and that was disturbing. How could HIV be causing lethal damage if there were so few of them?

In the case of SARS, we are nowhere near that stage of lying. We are still in the stage of lying about having a possible germ to look at.
We are still in the stage of lying about SARS being one unique disease condition at all.

And yet people are taking off and flying with the premise that SARS IS, in fact, a unique disease condition, and it is caused by a germ somebody designed in a lab.


Now, I understand that the designer germ works if you see that SARS is very useful for keeping people in a state of fear and repression.
You think, "Since this is a political OP, we must have a germ designed to achieve that effect."

But, as I've been writing since 1987, such an OP is better launched and controlled BY NOT HAVING ANY GERM AT ALL. That's right.

All you do is roll together lots of DIVERSE and DIFFERENT illness in many people, you call it SARS or AIDS or CFIDS or OOBLADEE, you get that name plastered on, and then everybody stands up and salutes and says VOILA, we have a new disease and it's horrible and we need a DRUG to treat the one killer germ. The drug always turns out to be highly toxic, and causes some of the very symptoms you're trying to cure. It's magic.

I hope you get this, because some of you are sending me articles about SARS and saying, "See, this is exactly what you're talking about. SARS is a bio-attack launched by a germ invented in a lab."


That's not what I'm saying.

Let me continue to build my point. If you are in the business of launching terror through epidemics, and if you are sophisticated, you know that a trillion or ten trillion germs spread out into the environment will produce an unknown effect. It's very iffy. AND THE IDEA THAT YOU REALLY HOLD A SECRET ANTIDOTE IN YOUR HAND AND SAVE IT FOR THE FAVORED FEW---that is a joke.

It doesn't work that way. Antibiotics are a good example. These drugs sometimes knock out bacteria one two three, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the germs just continue on their merry way.
Sometimes the antibiotics cause very bad adverse effects. Gross overuse of these drugs always causes nasty adverse effects, including severe immune suppression and death. And sometimes, although the drugs do knock out the bacteria, they leave the patient in a weakened state.

So the assumption that a magic bullet antidote to a magic bullet designer germ is reliable---that is pure fluff.

No, if you are creating a medical OP, you want to create a new disease LABEL which draws in, like a propaganda magnet, all sorts of diverse and UNRELATED illness conditions. Then you want to sell a drug treatment that will eat the liver and the kidneys. You want to obscure the fact that most of the UNRELATED illnesses were stemming from immune-system weakness, which in turn was brought on by factors like street drugs, medical drugs, vaccines, hunger, junk diets, starvation, protein-calorie malnutrition, contaminated water supplies, intestinal parasites, toxic pesticides, stress, war, grinding poverty, hopelessness, nutritional deficiencies, excess refined sugar, and so on.

By preying on those who are already ill, by renaming their illnesses, by failing to deal with what really caused them to become ill, by treating them with toxic drugs, you can kill them and scare a whole population back into their homes. You can impose travel bans and quarantines, you can pass new laws, you can forward the medical/police state. And if SARS is called a bio-terror attack, you can work that fear angle as well. You can invent and accuse perpetrators and bomb their cities.

If SARS is never called a bio-terror attack, maybe the next GBC or YDR or FGU or RSO or ZXY or ABC will be. In which case, SARS will have been a test run of sorts. "Let's see how they react. Let's see how much fear and how many travel bans we can make them swallow.
Let's test out our global surveillance and security and suppression cops."