Rotarix (GlaxoSmithKline)
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[2015 Feb] Paul Offit and Rotavirus Vaccine: Deaths on VAERS By John Stone  In the developed world rotavirus infection does not seem to be associated with mortality: this is not quite so with rotavirus vaccines, including Merck's RotaTeq vaccine in which Professor Offit had a share.....Reports on VAERS (9 February 2015) for the Offit/Merck Rotateq vaccine introduced in 2006 list 1,068 cases of intussusception with 10 accompanying deaths  (1 in 107) while Rotarix (introduced in 2008?) has 553 cases of intussusception  and 11 deaths  (a very disturbing rate of 1 in 50).

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[2010 March] Components of Extraneous Virus Detected in Rotarix Vaccine; No Known Safety Risk

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