Dr. Yazbak, a pediatrician, now devotes his time to the research of
autoimmune regressive autism and vaccine injury.

Shaken Baby Syndrome And Multiple Vaccinations: An Investigation

By Red Flags Columnist, F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP


For the past few weeks, I have been reviewing the medical records of three
infants diagnosed with so-called shaken baby syndrome (SBS). The infants,
though very distant geographically, had several things in common:

    * All three have not been abused;
    * All three had complicated past histories;
    * All three had medical conditions that can fully explain their symptoms;
    * All three had received the same three vaccines: Pediarix, HIB and
Prevnar within three weeks of their apparent life-threatening event.

In April 2004, Michael D. Innis, the renowned Australian
pathologist-hematologist and an expert on SBS, wrote in a communication to
the British Medical Journal (BMJ): ". in spite of being repeatedly
challenged to document a single authenticated case of shaken baby syndrome
or shaking/impact Injury, no one has been able to do so. All they are
required to do to convince judges, juries, and those of us who regard the
condition as a spurious diagnosis, is present a case which:          

   1. was not vaccinated within 21 days of the onset of symptoms;
   2. was shown to have a normal coagulation/hemostatic system;
   3. had no evidence of malnutrition, and was not artificial fed or
premature, since these factors predispose to fractures .

If the numerous pediatricians, ophthalmologists, radiologists and
pathologists, who have given evidence in courts in the U.K., U.S. and
Australia, are unable to document a single properly investigated case,
there is good reason to abandon the diagnosis."

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