Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA

Sheri Nakken hosting webinar FRI Mar. 19 - On vaccine injury and cures in Australia

my maiden voyage!  after doing radio for many years this will be great..............

this will be a great show on vaccine dangers, vaccine injury, cures in Australia

I am hosting Medical Voices webinar 3/20 - Repairing the Damage of History's Greatest Scam
Michael Sichel, ND, DO, PhD (Australia)

Chicago time: March 19 Friday 8pm (east coast 9 pm, mountain time 7 pm, west coast 6 pm; 3 am UK time - but will be archived)
Sydney, Australia time - Sat 12 noon , March 20

Tune in!  Can sign up now.  Log on a little early

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