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Falsified death certificates and medical records by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.

J.T. Biggs  Preserve vaccination from reproach

Wallace, LL.D. (1889/1898, Alfred R.   Underlying conditions  Chief Allopath (Medical Officer)   Preserve vaccination from reproach

Wallace, LL.D. (1889/1898, Alfred R.

Wallace, LL.D. (1889/1898, Alfred R.

Wallace, LL.D. (1889/1898, Alfred R.

Mr. Charles Fox, a medical man residing at Cardiff has published fifty-six cases of illness following vaccination, of which seventeen resulted in death. In only two of these, where he himself gave the certificate, was vaccination mentioned."-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

That such suppressio veri is no new thing, but has been going on during the whole period of vaccination, is rendered probable by a statement in the Medical Observer of 1810, by Dr. Maclean. He says: "Very few deaths from cowpox appear in the Bills of Mortality, owing to the means which have been used to suppress a knowledge of them. Neither were deaths, diseases, and failures transmitted in great abundance from the country, not because they did not happen., but because some practitioners were interested in not seeing them, and others who did see them were afraid of announcing what they knew.""-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

VACCINATION BE RIGUEUR. Dr. Whitefoord writes:" I was called to see an infant on September 18, aged twelve weeks, the son of Mrs. Darling, of 222, Euston-road, who had been vaccinated six days previously. The mother stated that she received two threatening notices to enforce the vaccination of her child, and, although delicate, the operation was performed. Subsequently the child refused food, wasted, and died on the seventeenth day. The vaccinated arm, well hacked in four places, wasted more than the other arm.
    At the time of vaccination the mother was informed that the lymph from which her infant was vaccinated was only four times removed from the calf. This assurance, however, ill-compensated the mother for the loss of her child."  Dr. Whitefoord refused to certify the cause of the child's death without an inquest, holding that the death was due to acute meningitis caused by vaccination, performed at the Government Vaccine Station, Tottenham Court-road. The coroner, however, refused to hold an inquest, and the child was buried under what is called a " coroner's order" a convenient way of shielding vaccination from reproach ! Dr. Lankester resorted to the same tactics in the case of Moyes's child, also killed by vaccination at Kensal Green in 1872. (Vaccination Inquirer Vol 5 p.149)

" It is said to be the rule for Army surgeons to enter small-pox cases as skin-disease or some other "appropriate illness," while large numbers of small-pox deaths are entered as "sent away elsewhere"-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

"The result of this method, which is certainly very general though not universal, is such a falsification of the real facts as to render them worthless for statistical purposes."-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

"The result of this prejudiced and unscientific method of registering small-pox mortality is the belief of the majority of the medical writers on the subject that there is an enormous difference between the mortality of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, and that the difference is due to the fact of vaccination or the absence of it."-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

"Smallpox was always present in London, while Sir Gilbert Blane tells us that in many parts of the country it was quite unknown for periods of twenty, thirty, or forty years. In 1782 Mr. Connah, a surgeon at Seaford, in Sussex, only knew of one small-pox death in eleven years among a population of 700."---Alfred R. Wallace

that in this matter of Official and Compulsory Vaccination, both doctors and Government officials, however highly placed, however eminent, however honourable, are yet utterly untrustworthy. Beginning in the early years of the century, and continuing to our own times, we find the most gross and palpable blunders in figures—but always on the side of vaccination—and, on the testimony of medical men themselves, a more or less continuous perversion of the official records of vaccinal injury "in. order to save vaccination from reproach.""-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

The facts and figures of the medical profession, and of Government officials, in regard to the question of vaccination, must never be accepted without verification."-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

"The last issue of the Registrar-General thus, [p. xiii.,] refers to this: "The deaths ascribed to Small-pox in 1886 numbered 275, and were far lower in proportion to the population than in any previous year. There were, however, also 93 deaths ascribed to Chicken-pox; and as this ailment is rarely, if ever, fatal, in all probability most or all of these deaths were really due to Small-pox."--ALEXANDER WHEELER

"During the last considerable epidemic at the turn of the century, I was a member of the Health Committee of London Borough Council, and I learned how the credit of vaccination is kept up statistically by diagnosing all the revaccinated cases (of smallpox) as pustular eczema, varioloid or what not---except smallpox."---George Bernard Shaw

"In 1886, for instance, there were 275 cases of small-pox deaths altogether throughout England and Wales; there was only one vaccinated child that died from small-pox under ten years of age, but there were 93 children who died from "chicken-pox." (Laughter.) And the Registrar-General, in commenting upon the fact, declared that nearly, if not all those cases should have been registered as small-pox, because chicken-pox "never kills "---Dr Hadwen MD

"In the thirty years ending in 1934, 3,112 people are stated to have died of "chicken-pox," and only 579 of smallpox in England and Wales. Yet all the authorities are agreed that chicken-pox is a nonfatal disease"—M. Beddow Bayly, Case Against Vaccination, London, June 1936, p. 5.

"The returns from special smallpox hospitals make out a very small death-rate (6 per cent.) among the vaccinated and a very large death-rate (40 to 60 per cent.) among the unvaccinated. The result is doubtful qua vaccination, for the reason that in pre-vaccination times the death-rate (18.8 per cent.) was almost the same as it is now in the vaccinated and unvaccinated together (18.5). At the Homerton Hospital from 1871 to 1878 there were admitted 793 cases in which "vaccination is stated to have been performed, but without any evidence of its performance"; the deaths in that important contingent were 216, or 27.2 per cent., but they are not permitted to swell the mortality among the "vaccinated. (Parliamentary Return, 24th February 1880.).  Again, the explanatory remarks of the medical officer for Birkenhead in 1877 reveal to us the rather surprising fact that his column of "unvaccinated" contained, not only cases that were admittedly not vaccinated, but also those that were "without the faintest mark"; of the 72 cases in that column no fewer than 53 died. His column of "unknown" contained 80 per cent, of patients who protested that they had been vaccinated (28 deaths in 220 cases or 127 per cent.). Those who passed muster as veritably vaccinated were 233, of whom 12 died (51 per cent.)."---Dr. Charles Creighton M.A., M.D.  Encyclopedia Britannica, published in 1888