4 June 2009
Support for MMR dissenters
Dr Dick van Steenis

SIR Hysterical reactions to some measles outbreaks by AMs for Llanelli & Torfaen (June 1 & earlier) reveal the effects of spin instead of reality.

MMR protects only 76% after one dose & 86% after two doses hence there will always be outbreaks, even if mandated. One single measles vaccine protects 99% (UK testing and findings in Japan).

Hence, if the UK followed Japan and used single vaccines the public would have trust in a safe vaccine and measles would disappear.

I have had to counsel mothers whose babies died from MMR and other mothers who babies developed autism from MMR. The USA has paid out to victims.

The MMR data sheet stipulates levels of T-lymphocytes must be tested in at-risk infants before contemplating MMR.

The UK government has admitted nobody had been tested. I also note 26 out of 30 mumps cases in North Wales had had MMR.

The B-lymphocytes can only cope with one at a time. I fully support the dissenters who care enough about their children so refuse MMR.

It is time the spin doctors were named and shamed and Wales started to protect its children.

Sarn, Newtown, Powys