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29 June 2009

Dr Dick van Steenis, MBBS


Vaccine disputes will continue and escalate while UK regulatory authorities refuse to rid themselves of conflicts of interests, refuse to carry out safety testing for adequate periods, refuse to obey MMR data sheets, refuse to allow recording of vaccine deaths on death certificates, refuse to carry out efficacy tests, refuse to compare vaccines with safer ones and placebos, refuse to remove unsafe additives and contaminant viruses, refuse to check all autism victims for vaccine history compared with those unvaccinated and refuse to administer the safer vaccines left at the best ages.

Coombes castigates support groups set up by grieving parents, preferring to allow very many to fall by the wayside dead or maimed with a permanent illness. Coombes is not medically qualified nor produces proper references. I have published 53 references, available on request. The BMJ has sunk to its lowest depths of depravity.

Just one single measles vaccination results in 98.5 to 99% immunity based on UK Desumo antibody testing and studies in Japan and India. Just one MMR vaccination at 12 months was proven in one study to protect only 69.9% of children based on antibody testing. The body’s B-lymphocytes can only handle mumps or measles at a time. That is why 26 out of 30 mumps cases in North Wales 2009 had had MMR but still got mumps. That is why many of the recent measles victims had it after MMR. The body’s T-lymphocytes are needed to assist B-lymphocytes to produce antibodies. But in areas with PM2.5 particulate air pollution downwind of incinerators, oil refineries, bulldozing etc the T-lymphocytes go to the lungs to deal with these PM2.5 foreign bodies, leaving the immune system unprotected. The MMR data sheet states testing of the levels of T-lymphocytes must be done in these children at risk before considering MMR but no child has ever been tested in the UK wrote the government minister. The autism epidemic in USA soared after the amount of mumps in MMR was sharply increased. The highest autism rates in USA are in the most polluted states—5 times higher. In the UK in Birmingham, subject to 3 incinerators, autism affects some 1 in 3 children, ADHD another 1 in 3 and other behaviour problems another 2 in 3. The current government must take the blame and be punished. One of the MMR manufacturers organised the Finnish "study". It must be noted that MMR in Finland is NOT given at 12 months of age but nearer 18 months, with second dose aged 6 years, hence is not comparable to the UK. Nor has Finland the PM2.5 pollution that plasters most of the UK.

Coombes has given her verdict on Dr. Wakefield and colleagues before the GMC has given a decision. The arrogance!! The head of the GMC panel was on the UK vaccine committees and had shares in Glaxo. When Dr. Jayne Donegan was "tried" by the GMC for allegedly allowing bias regarding MMR, the final GMC verdict was that she had no bias but instead had proper journal proof that MMR was unsafe and caused neurological disorders etc. Did Coombes write about that verdict in the BMJ?? There have been massive numbers of payments by the USA government on effects of MMR on mitochondria and other body physiology. I have counselled mothers whose infants died from MMR and others whose children developed autism or bowel problems following MMR. Some batches of MMR contained mycoplasma (CIA patent). A blood test on one English victim was positive for mycoplasma.

Oral polio vaccine was proven to contain contaminant SV40 virus (causes non Hodgkins Lymphoma) and simian cytomegalovirus (causes ME & MS) in 8 batches at least in USA and UK. The vaccine was stopped in USA in 1997 but still continued in UK until the 5 in 1 appeared years later. Thiomersal was in DTP in the UK until the 5 in 1 vaccine appeared, but is still present in most flu vaccines leading to an increase in Alzheimer’s Disease. The Flu vaccine protects only 26% and only from 1 condition in GP practice. Hence it should be banned. If selenium supplements were given instead, the rates of infections would fall 56% (documented in China), and rates of the main 4 cancers would also fall 54%. In Florida giving 200ug selenium daily to HIV victims caused 100% remission. One report revealed that pneumococcal vaccine was not compared with placebo but against the notorious Men-C. There has been a rise in more virulent strains since vaccination began. Men-C vaccine was only tested for around 3 days before being given nationwide. Within weeks there were 12 deaths and over 16000 yellow card side-effect reports. That would have banned any drug but not Men-C. A study of infant deaths by month of age revealed spikes at 4 and 12 months at the times of second vaccinations and MMR. Coroners are forbidden from recording vaccine deaths. Has Coombes any conflict of interest? Who commissioned this propaganda? The whole issue needs an overhaul, following Japan (autism rate 1 in 10000 compared with 1 in 56 UK). Japan had thiomersal in a Japanese encephalitis vaccine, but banned MMR wisely in 1992.

Dr Dick van Steenis

29 June 2009


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