Immunization During Pregnancy

April 25, 2009


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I am so sorry for what happened. I can not believe the stupidy of some doctors insisting a pregant woman should take a flu vaccine. My GOSH from my experience they won't even recommend an asprin, I guess I was lucky. But after my two were born luck ran out and they could not take the DPT vaccine. I know we are out in the wilderness trying to figure out why our children reacted while others did not. We have had to just guess. I think we were wrong to guess that the problem is mercury, and it is only mudding the waters. My two reacted to thier DPT shots. One had Kawaskas and the other had a stroke six hours after his third DPT shot and now is epileptic and autism. BUT they did great on their MMR shots, not a temperature, not later problems, nothing. I am sure MMR would have had mercury the same as DPT shots at the time.
I had the flu shot while pregnant after being bullied by my OBGYN. I blame her in a large part for my son's problems. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at two but had indicators from birth. It was so stupid - the flu season was mild. She just lectured me with what I now know is the CDC bullshit about the shots being safe for pregnant women. Ironic that she had me avoiding tuna and other mercury contaminated food but thought nothing of injecting me with the stuff (at fact that she did not disclose at the time of the shot).
Thankyou Jim . It is always such a boost to know that others are fighting beside us, even when we cannot see them. Our medical system is simply broken. Good research is simply ignored when it doesnt suit someones agenda. When Isaac Pessah, about 5 years back showed that even small quantities of thimerosal damaged the immune system, there should have been a revolution in medicine but apparently his work has gone unnoticed. What his work really means is that so much pediatric research of the past many years needs to be redone on babies whose immune systems are NOT damaged. And it means that someone needs to consider whether pregnant women need an intact immune system. When is someone in the public health arena going to consider that you cant give anyone mercury vaccines because you simply have no idea what may be the other sources of mercury in that individuals life . That one little flu vaccine may be all that he needs to topple him into the abyss. For those of us who saw first hand the destruction caused by Thalidomide, it is beyond belief that doctors have discarded that hard lesson: Give NOTHING that can be avoided to a pregnant woman. And then there are the cardiologists who see abnormal ECG tracings and never for a moment think of mercury affect on the heart. When is the ignorance going to end?
My child developed a heart arythmia in utero after I received the flu shot while pregnant. In these bogus studies, how do you know if there is an adverse reaction when there are no measures to see what happened internally to baby and to mother? Also, they're missing capturing most of the adverse events because doctors are not reporting events such as mine. At the time, I did not know about VAERS.
Hello neighbor. I live in rural Iowa, NW corner. Nice to make your acquaintance! Great piece Jim! Thank you!! It is so wonderful of you and your wife to help carry the torch for your granddaughter! We appreciate you, as well!! Our very best wishes to you and yours...

You did an excellent job of rebuttal and provided a truthful survey of the literature. Yes, not all federal or state agencies are truthful or ethical. And considering all of the deception you exposed—the MDH’s irresponsible approach of just reading the CDC and FDA propaganda, lined with deception and outright lies by nameless and faceless authors, makes a mockery of their responsibility to protect children.

It is vital that more parents write letters to their newspaper editors and their legislators. Tell them that if their state Department of Health officials cannot do the work of locating and reading the literature, using critical thinking skills, giving thoughtful consideration to the information provided by parents, and applying basic science in reviewing, making, and revising their policy decisions—then they should receive an “F” for a job performance and be relieved of their duties.

Want to read about some more fables from the CDC? Not to toot my own horn, just want you all to remember they mislead the public in so many ways......


Here is what the MDH and I had to say about Pregnant women and the flu vaccine:

Is it safe for pregnant women to receive an influenza vaccine that contains thimerosal?

MDH: Reports and studies indicate that pregnancy can increase the risk for serious medical complications of the flu. One study found that healthy women in the third trimester of pregnancy are hospitalized with flu at rates similar to those individuals with a high-risk condition

Two studies have looked at the safety of the flu vaccine during pregnancy and found that there was no negative effect from vaccination Review of VAERS data also support these findings. Additionally, a recent study (2007) looked at the potential impact of thimerosal exposure on the fetus and did not find an association between vaccination and neurological defects.

MNHLRP: This question leads with “Is it safe” yet nowhere does MDH state a clear answer. The MDH curiously avoids the question of clinical safety, instead focusing on the concerns of influenza and epidemiological evidence, which by definition can not rule out association or assess clinical safety.

One of the two studies the MDH refers to showing no negative effect from vaccination did not even study thimerosal, the developing immune system or developmental disorders. The study of “over 2000 pregnant women” (referred to in previous versions of this handout) actually primarily looked at whether the polio vaccine, given to 58,000 women in 1958 thru 1966, caused malignancies in offspring. There was only one sentence that provided any data on influenza vaccination outcome: “Among 2,291 mothers immunized with killed influenza vaccine during pregnancy, one child developed an astrocytoma of the spinal medulla.” The study did not attempt to examine any other adverse effects on the offspring, other than malignancies.

The MSDS from thimerosal manufacturer Gihon states clearly that pregnant women should not be exposed to thimerosal. The package insert from Sanofi Pasteur states that the safety of the flu vaccine on pregnant women has not been established. Lastly, and this can not be repeated enough, any epidemiological study declaring it “did not find an association between vaccination and neurological defects” is, by definition, not able to completely rule out that an association does exist..


The abstract for the 1973 paper is at Oxford Journals on the web at

If that does not work then do a search using the search words "Immunization During Pregnancy Against Poliomyelitis and Influenza in Relation to Childhood Malignancy" and "ncbi" and using the quotation marks.

The second reference is a book "Birth Defects and Drugs in Pregnancy" by Heinonen et al. This book is available as a used book on the web and also some university libraries carry the book.

Just in time (timing is everything), the swine flue is about to "rage", and guess who started that one? BAXTER, look it up on You Tube. Somethings are just too obvious....

And, now they are making scientific things up? EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING can go to the baby. What we eat, what we absorb, WHAT WE INJECT, what we breathe, what we drink. Even your emotions (raising cortisol levels affects development). Bacteria and viruses, no problemo. Vaccine mercury, no problemo.

I think pregnant women need to protest...have your babies at home, forget the doctor/hostpial, make them broke (which frequently asphyxiates baby by ICC cord clamp), and don't vaccinate, assure your next generation they won't get this ill gotten gain disease. Oh, and make sure you don't have amalgams, at least three years before pregnancy, and no work on teeth during. Oh, and get some glutathione and selenium, VIT C and VIT D in you pronto.

Jim, fantastic and eye opening article! I wonder how many OB's simply pass this info on to worried moms without ever giving it a second thought. When I was expecting my son who now has autism, of course I had the flu shot. The doctor said it was the "responsible" thing to do.

Is there anywhere online that someone could read the Heinonen, Shapiro, Monson et al 1973 and Heinonen, Sloan, and Shapiro et al 1976 studies? These may be some good ones to include or at least reference on the 14 Studies website.

Thanks for showing us both sides of yet another flimsy "card" from the rickety house of cards that health regulatory agencies and industry have built to justify the use of untested immunizations and the swollen vaccine schedule.

I guess the Naleway and Heinonen papers can't quite be called research fraud, just fabulously lousy studies. The way the CDC represents them as "proof" of the safey of the flu vax in pregnancy and in any sense hinges vaccine approval on such studies is a form of fraud, even if this couldn't be legally defined in today's justice system.

In looking at each piece of the flimsy vaccine safety argument, a fun exercise is to imagine those responsible forced to make a "back against the wall defense" in a truly unbiased legal setting with a judge who understands the science and a jury which doesn't miss a trick and try to explain why they deemed such papers as "proof of safety and efficacy" (my daydream is their worst nightmare).

How would a CDC representative rationalize the misleading agency approval of these particular studies (the agency holds up the studies as if they prove the safety of thimerosal in pregnancy when they do not)? I think when it all boiled down to brass tacks, in order to keep key figures out of jail, the CDC would plead incompetence. They all would. They would tell a story of how each scientist in health regulation who read this study and others were really too stupid to see that the paper was a poor, incomplete investigation and yet still managed to show serious risks. Or they would say they deemed it proof of safety without ever having read it.

When Safeminds and the NAA reached out to parents to speak to the ACIP in October 2006, specifically regarding the influenza vaccine for pregnant women and children, I went.

The most vivid memory about this experience is when I spoke about receiving seven shots in less than three years of mercury-containing medicine for being RH negative, most of these shots administered while pregnant:

I remember placing both my hands around my lower abdomen and watching committee members squirm and shift in their seats.

Excellent summary of facts. It is just crazy that in 2009, flu vaccines are still ignorantly and dangerously recommended in such fragile and vulnerable populations -- fetuses and babies/young children.

I continue to be hopeful that the Obama administratin will take that leap from planes and birds to humans and vaccines.
It is not without controversy but only from those who historically have profited. Honest people want honest answers.

Thank you, Jim! I am forever amazed at the arrogance of the CDC and the FDA. I guess they just don't think anyone actually READS the crap they tout as "safety" data. I'm glad you did.

I'm so sorry about your granddaughter. Thank you for being a warrior grandpa!