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The truth of what lay behind the attempted assassination of Lisa Blakemore-Brown’s career

by Christina England

November 3, 2011

I recently wrote an article explaining in depth events leading up to the attempted professional assassination of the talented and dedicated psychologist Lisa Blakemore-Brown. (1) What lay behind these deliberate acts of sabotage until now has remained a mystery. I believe that I now have enough evidence to expose the truth.

In my opinion the British Psychological Society (BPS) acted in a way that was corrupt, criminal and deliberate. I believe that their aim was to deliberately sabotage the career of Ms Blakemore-Brown in a way that would discredit anything that she had ever said.

I was a witness for Lisa Blakemore-Brown at her final BPS hearing and I more than anyone have true insight to what went on behind the closed doors in 2006.

The hearing was based on a complaint that had been sent in to the BPS concerning Ms Blakemore-Brown’s professionalism from a parent heavily involved with ADDIS, a support group for children suffering from ADHD. It later emerged that ADDIS was being heavily funded by Eli Lilly who first put the preservative thimerosal into vaccines.

A second complaint was then submitted by activist Penny Mellor who claimed that she believed that Ms Blakemore-Brown was suffering from paranoia. This complaint was submitted sometime after the original complaint.

Ms Blakemore-Brown found herself facing a string of complaints after she began speaking out about parents being falsely accused of Munchausen by Proxy and Shaken Baby Syndrome. She felt that many parents were being falsely accused after their child had suffered an adverse reaction to a vaccine

The case against Blakemore-Brown hinged on the fact that she had submitted what the BPS claimed to be irrelevant information and data as part of her evidence. The data related to vaccines, Dr David Southall, Prof Roy Meadow, the third world, Munchausen by proxy allegations and cot deaths.  It was inferred that the information had little to do with her case and that it was irrational for Blakemore-Brown to include this in her evidence. It later emerged however, that this information was asked for during a telephone conversation between Ms Blakemore-Brown and the BPS. According to Ms Blakemore-Brown the BPS had requested this information after showing a distinct interest in her research and studies.

The phone call was eventually acknowledged by the BPS but true to form the BPS had conveniently forgotten to log the call thus making the material sent in by Ms Blakemore-Brown appear irrelevant and irrational.

As the case continued other inconsistencies emerged. These included evidence from a previous case that had somehow been put into her file by ‘mistake’ and emails that had never been sent and were clearly forgeries.

During the evidence provided another interesting fact emerged, this was that no one had bothered to tell Ms Blakemore-Brown that she was not going to be looked at for professional misconduct as originally stated but that the case had been changed during the course of the investigation to ‘Fitness to Practice’. Due to this ‘oversight’, it became clear that Ms Blakemore-Brown had actually been led by the BPS to send in irrelevant material demonstrating her work on Autism and her in depth research on vaccines, evidence on Dr D Southall and Prof Roy Meadow to prove her case as a competent psychologist.

On reading the transcripts (2) relating to the case that suddenly appeared on the internet without the knowledge or permission of Ms Blakemore-Brown it is easy for interested parties to see the tone of the hearing in general.

The transcripts largely surround the so called ‘disjointed’ evidence sent in by Ms Blakemore-Brown which Dr Trevor Friedman a psychiatrist for the BPS saw as evidence of her paranoia. This psychiatrist not only worked for the BPS but also the GMC and his research was funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Freidman stated that he had not examined Ms Blakemore-Brown because she had refused to be examined however, it soon emerged that her ‘so called’ refusal came only after legal advice.

I believe that the BPS colluded with Dr Friedman in order to prove that Ms Blakemore-Brown was suffering from ‘paranoia’ based on evidence and documentation that Ms Blakemore-Brown had been tricked into submitting as part of her evidence.

I believe that Ms Blakemore-Brown was asked to send this information in by the BPS originally because it was relevant to her capabilities as a psychologist. It was only after reading the material that the BPS began to realize that what Ms Blakemore-Brown had discovered could prove very dangerous to the UK vaccination programme. I believe that it was at the point that Ms Mellor was brought in to make a complaint of paranoia to disprove her theory and discredit what she had been saying. It has always seemed odd to me that Ms Mellor’s complaint began with the words “Dear Claire – As promised complaint in writing” I know this to be the case as I was a witness for Ms Blakemore-Brown surrounding the evidence of Ms Mellor who has since been named as a serial complainer..


 I will now endeavor to explain why I believe this to be the case.

I can now prove just how relevant the paperwork that Ms Blakemore-Brown had sent to the BPS really was and how it was the paperwork that led them to not only change her case to fitness to practice but to take the course they did.

Lisa Blakemore-Brown was and still is an independent applied psychologist specialising in ADHD, Asperger Syndrome and related disorders. Her research focuses on early intensive system intervention and the increasing professional recognition of the interweaving of ADHD, Asperger Syndrome and related disorders which she calls ‘Tapestry Disorders’ because of the way the disorders interweave to build a unique picture of each individual child.

Blakemore-Brown has always believed that parents come under attack and are blamed, if they dare to question doctors, particularly if they believe that their child has become ill after a vaccination. She has spoken worldwide on the subject since 1996 and was the first ever professional to link autism, MSBP and adverse reactions to vaccines.

Blakemore-Brown first became involved with parents she believed to be falsely accused of MSBP back in 1996. This was after she was introduced to and asked to assess twin girls whose mother had been accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. The paediatrician and expert leading the case was the since discredited Professor David Southall.

After spending many hours researching the twin’s background and studying the vast quantity of medical records ascertaining to the case, Ms Blakemore-Brown soon discovered that they had been born prematurely, at just 26 weeks and were severely disabled.  Against all odds, the twins had managed to survive, even after they both suffered multiple complications which included brain haemorrhages.

Ms Blakemore-Brown diagnosed the twins with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD saying that they were, in fact, very disabled little girls,

Professor Southall and social services disagreed, stating that the twins were normal. Professor Southall later admitted on television in a TV3 20/20 New Zealand documentary called “Lies lies and Diagnoses’, a film that never saw the light of day in the UK surrounding the case, that he had no expertise in psychology or indeed the condition ADHD.

This being the case then why did he go against Ms Blakemore-Brown’s expert opinion when in fact he knew nothing whatsoever about psychology or the condition ADHD?

The case went to court and despite the evidence supplied by Ms Blakemore-Brown the twin’s mother lost all four of her children to the care of social services.

This case and others urged Blakemore-Brown to speak out about her concerns, especially after she had noticed a steady increase of accusations of MSBP involving parents with autistic children who were claiming that their children’s symptoms began after routine childhood vaccinations.

Over the years Ms Blakemore-Brown had become increasingly worried that Dr David Southall was heavily linked to not only cot death studies but also the testing of vaccines on vulnerable children. Blakemore-Brown also believed that Prof Roy Meadow was using MSBP and SBS to falsely accuse parents of child abuse particularly after a vaccine injury had occurred.

I believe the key reason behind the attempts to destroy Ms Blakemore-Brown is that she believed both Dr Southall and Prof Meadow were using false accusations of Munchausen by Proxy or MSBP to cover up children being damaged by vaccination and was not afraid to say so.

I now aim to prove that she has been right all along.

1. In 1987 Dr David Southall wrote a paper with V Stebbens and E. A  Shinebourne, entitled ‘Sudden and unexpected death between 1 and 5 years’. Prof Southall recorded 5 cases of sudden infant death that gave the children’s full vaccine status. (3)

Two of these children died very shortly after routine childhood vaccines. All 5 children were being monitored in a large, population based, nonintervention study into the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It was noted that 3 of the 5 children suffered a cyanotic episode. These attacks are sometimes described as breath holding, apnea or breathing difficulties.

In this particular paper Southall described the full case history of each child who died and in each case he mentioned their vaccine status before their fatal attack.

2. In another paper entitled ‘Blue breath holding is benign.’ by J B P Stephenson, (4) Stephenson describes a paper written by Southall entitled ‘Recurrent cyan otic episodes with severe arterial hypox aemia and intrapulmonary shunting: a mechanism for sudden death.’ Arch Dis Child 1990;65:953-61.

Stephenson says that he spoke to Southall at a SIDS meeting about his work.

He wrote:

“During a recent scientific meeting (Scottish Cot Death Trust SIDS Research meeting, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, 28 November 1990) Dr David Southall agreed that the patients he was talking about had identical cyanotic episodes to those which I had recorded on videotape.

This videotape was of two typical breath holding spells in a 15 month old girl as illustrated in the figure. To make this meaningful to the clinical reader, the history is briefly summarized:

Breath holding spells began aged 7 months, five days after diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus immunization.”

Stephenson then went on to describe the child’s attack to Southall.

Of course Southall may have been simply agreeing to the type of symptoms seen in Stephenson’s patient but was he also agreeing to the fact that this child began symptoms after the vaccines?

This proves that Southall knew the dangers that vaccines posed to some children.

Another interesting and relevant point is this-

3. Southall’s paper ‘Sudden and unexpected death between 1 and 5 years’ written by Prof Southall, Stebbens and Shinebourne was written the same year as Prof Roy Meadow also an expert witness in MSBP attended meetings with the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation at the Department of Health. (5)

These meetings were discussing adverse reactions and cot death after the DTP and at the introduction of the MMR.

This proves that both of these men were studying adverse reactions at the same time.

They are now key figures in the false accusations of many parents with vaccine damaged infants.

Both men were involved in the Sally Clark case where the child died shortly after a vaccine and where two prosecution witnesses, including the pediatrician Professor Sir Roy Meadow assured the jury that vaccines could be discounted. Their statements went unchallenged, and the issue did not form any part of the appeal hearings. (6)

4, Lisa Blakemore-Brown recently wrote:

“When a parent has suffered a cot death, cases are referred to the FSID (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) and the next baby is placed on what is called the CONI scheme – Care of the Next Infant. The scheme funds research and many other initiatives. Apnea monitors are given to parents, and health visitors monitor weight and other progress. Dr David Southall has always had a close involvement with the FSID and those within it.”

She asked – Were vaccine trials woven into the research funded by FSID, especially if the first cot death followed a vaccine?

Lisa Blakemore-Brown - A Very Disingenuous Doctor and a Very Large Elephant (7)

I believe I have the answer to many of the questions that Ms Blakemore-Brown has asked in her article regarding PACA, the third world and vaccines.

It is clear that Dr Southall did not accept vaccines as the possible cause of death in Sally Clark’s children; however, he knew only to well that vaccines could lead to breathing difficulties and death as did Prof Meadows.

5. Prof David Southall was struck off the medical register by the GMC in 2007.

6.Despite being struck off for second time however, Dr Southall won his appeal in 2010.

7. Dr David Southall is also heavily linked to UNICEF. Details of the links between the organizations can be found in a manual for health workers called ‘Child Friendly Healthcare’. (8)

The manual says:

The Initiative his been funded by the Community Fund (National Lotteries Board, UK) and is implemented by Child Advocacy International with the technical support of the Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the support of the Royal College of Nursing (UK) and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK), and in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The manual also states:-

“Dr. David Southall OBE MBBS MD FRCPCH

David Southall is honorary medical director of Childhealth Advocacy International. He is the chair of the working party for CFHI (Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative). His main interests are the safe and effective management of emergencies in pregnancy, infancy and childhood. He has published many papers concerning the protection of children from abuse and is active in developing child protection systems for poorly resourced countries. He is particularly worried about the concept of suffering and how little attention is drawn to this in current international programs for mothers and children. He is also active in developing palliative care systems for disadvantaged countries. He has directed the development”

8. Between 1993 and 1995 Southall was consultant health advisor to UNICEF in the former Yugoslavia. In 1995 he was involved in the setting up of a charity, ‘Child Advocacy International’, which is involved in international child health issues. (9)

Does this mean that Dr Southall was actually employed by UNICEF? If so, then as an employee this would mean that he would be on their payroll.

Interestingly this was just two years after the DPT was changed to the DTaP due to the vast numbers of adverse reactions which included seizures and cot death.

9. In 1992 the MMR vaccine Pluserix was discontinued in the UK due to adverse reactions. (10)

According to Dr Andrew Wakefield in an interview he recently gave after they banned the MMR in the UK they then shipped supplies of this vaccine to the third world. (11)

This was a vaccine that had been banned in Canada, Australia and Japan and yet it was still sent to the third world.

Was it also possible that the old DPT vaccines were also sent to the third world?

It is clear from the document Parliamentary Debates (12) at the time that Professor Southall was working for UNICEF in Yugoslavia that money was given to UNICEF specifically for vaccination programme because the document states:


In April 1993 £100,000 was given to UNICEF health, nutrition and water project as part of Operation LIFELINE Sudan (OLS). In December 1993 a further £95,000 was disbursed to UNICEF for a primary health care and vaccination programme for refugee children in the former Yugoslavia (13)

In fact I found many papers referring to vaccines, cooling equipment and vaccination programmes in Yugoslavia around this time. I even found one referring to the training of physicians.

UNICEF unite for children

The Ten Difficult Years says

“What was done for children in Croatia?

a) Health
Projects for the protection of children’s health ranged from vaccination (where UNICEF, through the Institute of Public Health, secured sufficient quantities of vaccines for children and the necessary cooling equipment for the storage and distribution of vaccines) to training of physicians, medical staff and parents (e.g. on respiratory diseases in children, the consequences of not enough iodine in the diet, oral rehydration, the advantages of breastfeeding, etc.), health education materials for children and young people, and aid in equipping hospital wards and out-patient clinics and setting up a system for monitoring children’s health.” (14)

I am sure as the consultant health advisor at this time these programmes would have been implemented by Dr Southall.

UNICEF has always been at the forefront of vaccination programmes in the third world. This is borne out by the latest UNICEF initiative which is giving newborn babies in third world countries a tetanus vaccine.

Some of these babies are weak and sickly through poor sanitation, malnutrition and filth. Flies buzz round as they lay sick and dying.

Many of them are suffering from severe diarrhea. Are vaccines really the first line of help these babies need? Wouldn’t better sanitation, good nutrition, vitamins and clean drinking water be better a better use of resources, as these babies first line of defense against disease? Perhaps, but UNICEF choose instead vaccines to combat their diseases.

10. UNICEF is openly seen conning the innocent public into buying Pampers nappies. UNICEF is giving vaccinations known to cause devastating side-effects to sick vulnerable babies in the third world. (15)

Even worse still UNICEF have linked up with Pampers (16) nappies/diapers in a campaign called UNICEF and Pampers Gift for Life Campaign 1 pack = 1 vaccine For every pack of Pampers bought 1 tetanus vaccine will be sent to the third world. UNICEF is advertising through heart wrenching adverts showing western mothers happily nursing happy healthy babies in a range of languages around the world shown on television.

We have constant adverts on the TV showing newborn babies being put into the arms of mothers from around the world. The song Happy Birthday rings in our ears whilst the message ‘Together we can eliminate newborn tetanus, One pack = I vaccine.’ (16)

All this proves to me that Lisa Blakemore-Brown career has been deliberately sabotaged in a deliberate attempt to cover up the truth. Blakemore-Brown has been made a scapegoat of and her career sabotaged as a warning to others. Justice needs to be done.

This has been written to expose the real truth surrounding Lisa Blakemore-Brown’s case in the hope that it will help her and in turn help the parents that she believes in and supports.

Thank you especially to Dr Viera Scheibner for leading me to the Cot Death studies where Dr Southall had spoken about children’s vaccination status.

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