Wakefield drawing blood work at birthday party

See: Wakefield "discredited."

And so it came to be that Dr Kumar, the Chairman of the GMC Fitness to Practice Panel trying Dr Andrew Wakefield, Professor Simon Murch and Professor Walker-Smith sat without the flicker of a smile on his face, leaning on the long plastic topped table and read out the verdicts to the many charges. The Panel found that; most of the children in the Lancet paper had been experimented upon outside the inclusion dates of research ethical committee approval 172/96. That a number of the children had been subjected to aggressive procedures not sanctioned by any research ethics committee. That in most cases parental approval had not been lodged in the case files and that Dr Wakefield had "treated children with a 'callous disregard' for the distress and pain that he knew or ought to have known the children involved might suffer. This latter aside, although repeated by the media incessantly throughout Thursday night, actually referred to the taking of a small quantity of blood by a trained professional from 5 healthy children, whose parents were friends of the Wakefield's; a control sample for a study. This had nothing to do with the experimental procedures that were supposedly carried out by Dr Wakefield on the 12 children reviewed in the Lancet paper. [2010 Jan] Eye Witness Report from the UK GMC Wakefield, Walker-Smith, Murch Hearing By Martin Walker

Its quite normal to have control children for blood testing and to pay them 5, my son did this for the dyslexia association and a friend, we recruited them from his class at school, in fact they had to be from the same town and the same school. They wanted similar control group, they were paid 5.
Wendy Satterthwaite ex nurse and nutritionist.