Autism Treatment Trust
August 8, 2008

Bill Welsh, President, Autism Treatment Trust

Dumb And Dumber

The UK government’s ‘one size fits all’ flawed vaccination programme is further exposed by the antics of officials charged with protecting public health.

This week the Health Protection Agency has fanfared a putative measles epidemic in order to create fear in the populace while continuing to ignore the real and existing epidemic of autism. One can only surmise that the actuality of the internet has escaped their attention otherwise they would surely have responded appropriately to the earth shattering news from the USA that multiple vaccination (including MMR) has now been inexorably linked with autism.

The US government via the Department of Justice no less, has conceded that a susceptible child can develop regressive encephalopathy with autistic features following vaccination. Will Dr David Salisbury or Professor Liam Donaldson insist that “susceptible children” are screened out from this latest fear engendered MMR ‘catch-up’ exercise? Don’t hold your breath!

These senior occupants of Whitehall’s gulag archipelago have relentlessly pursued a policy of ‘MMR or nothing’ in the face of mounting clinical scientific and anecdotal evidence regarding MMR’s lack of safety.

The CDC in the United States has now withdrawn 5 studies that previously had been trumpeted as proof that vaccination is not linked to autism. Dr Gerberding the head of the CDC describes the studies as:"Uninformative and Potentially Misleading"

Dr Bernadine Healy, ex Head of the National institute of Health, has stated:

“Population studies do not test causality, they test associations. You have to go into the laboratory and you have to do designed research studies in animals”

98% of the studies presented by Drs Salisbury and Donaldson as proof of MMR vaccine safety are population studies! Go figure!

It would appear that the only hope that citizens of the UK will be given the choice of single vaccines is if Salisbury and Donaldson are removed from office.

If policy-makers really do fear a measles epidemic then they have a duty of care to provide measles vaccines on the NHS for any parents that request them.

The single measles vaccine was introduced into the UK immunisation programme in 1967 by Government health officials so has a longer and better track record than the combined MMR. The single dose still carries a risk of side effects but how can three live viruses together be safer than one?

Since MMR was introduced the rate of autism in the UK has risen to 1 child in 86. Why is this tragic development not being fully investigated?

We know the government's strategy for dealing with measles. What is the strategy for dealing with autism?

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