Ukraine  Swine flu vaccine

WHO takes over the Ukraine: eyewitnesses say no pandemic

02 November 2009

According to reports in the German media, a group of WHO officials has already landed in Kiev, the captial of Ukraine, and are preparing to take control of the police, military and health services under the pretext of a swine flu pandemic emergency.

 In a press statement, WHO has confirmed it has deployed „a multi-disciplinary team of experts" to assist the Ukrainian government.

 „In response to the request from the Minister of Health of the Ukraine, WHO is deploying a multi-disciplinary team of experts to assist national authorities in mitigating the impact of the pandemic. The team comprises of the following expertise: health emergencies coordination, case management, epidemiology, laboratory diagnostics, logistics, and media/risk communications,“ says a WHO press release dated November 1st.

 The Ukranian Ministry of Health has reported the death of two health care workers in Lviv and another two in Ternopil. The total number of deaths associated with the outbreak now numbers 60. However, eyewitness accounts from Ukraine say there is no evidence of an outbreak.

 The Ukrainian government today appealed for international help in dealing with the „swine flu“ pandemic, paving the way for WHO, the UN and the EU to take over key government infrastructure.

 A plane carrying 16 tonnes of Tamiflu has landed in the Ukraine: 300, 000 million doses of Tamilfu have been ordered from Roche, according to media reports.

 In addition, the Ukrainian Prime Minister Julia Timoschenko has said that elections planned for January might have to be cancelled because of the „pandemic“

 Nine regions, especially in western Ukraine, have been put under quarantine; schools and cinema have been banned for three weeks as part of a crackdown by the authorities.

 Reports from people in Lviv, however, indicate there is no sign of a pandemic, fuelling fears that the pandemic emergency is being hyped by the media and used as a pretext for military rule by Ukraine’s government, hit by corruption scandals and protests over the sinkling standard of living.

 „There is nothing special in Lwow (large city, western parto of Ukraine 800,000 people) - the situation is normal, telephones work as usual. The pandemic is in the media, but people seem not to react. The only effect is the lack of masks in drugstores. They are using scarfes to cover their mouths. Allegedly there are several viruses, but none o them lethal.

They use regular seasonal flu to create panic for mass vaccinations,“ says one person who has contact with a cousin in Lviv.