Lies & disparity - Bangladesh 'Biggest measles campaign' ready

Now why does WHO site say cases of Measles in 2004 in Bangladesh is 9,743  
AND this article says 20,000 children killed annually by measles.

The usual propaganda - 20,000 deaths but only 9,743 cases
The usual attack on children

Thursday, 23 February 2006, 17:57 GMT

'Biggest measles campaign' ready
Boy getting the measles vaccine in the September campaign
Measles kills nearly 20,000 children annually in Bangladesh

The UN children's agency, Unicef, says a measles campaign about to start in
Bangladesh is the biggest such vaccination programme ever undertaken.

The campaign is aimed at inoculating 33.5m children in Bangladesh where
Unicef estimates nearly 20,000 children a year die from the disease.

The campaign is a joint effort by the Unicef and the Bangladesh government.

Children aged between nine months and 10 years will be covered in the
20-day campaign that starts on 25 February.

40 million

The inoculation programme is aimed at 62 districts and five cities. Last
September nearly 1.4m children in two districts were given the measles

"If ever Bangladesh needed a truly all-out effort to fight measles... it is
now," Louis-Georges Arsenault, Unicef's Bangladesh representative says.

Unicef says only three in four children in Bangladesh receive their routine
measles vaccine.

It says the 40 million doses of measles vaccines have been prepared for the