Dave Fluck found this.

"The most important thing for parents to understand is that everything
on the Internet isn't necessarily science-based information," she
said,citing the example of anti-vaccine groups masquerading as immunization
information sites. People need to look for health care information
from "respectable institutions" such as the National Institutes of Health,
she said."

Belkin Response
Parents need to realize that most official government info on vaccine
safety is advertising masquerading as legitimate science. No
peer-reviewed studies on most new mandated vaccines, no scrutiny of
serious adverse reactions in unpublished studies used to jam through
fast-track FDA licensure. No mention of the neurological risk of
post-vaccinal encephalomyelitis. CDC and FDA won't release unpublished
hepatitis B vaccine safety studies (if they exist). The NIH won't fund
independent research into the biological basis of adverse reactions.
That's not "science" that's negligence.