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Never sign a Refusal To Vaccinate if confronted by such a form.

For vaccine exemption advice contact:
Alan G. Phillips, Esq.
Attorney and Counselor at Law
P.O. Box 3473, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-3473

Robert W. Sears, in "The Parent Paper" magazine ("Childhood vaccines"
2/08) writes:
"The AAP has become increasingly sensitive to parents concerns when it
comes to vaccines, and it published new guidelines for pediatricians to
follow when parents question vaccines.  These guidelines are in the 2006
Red Book of Infectious Diseases that every pediatrician views as "The
Bible" on disease information and policy.  The book clearly states:
     A non-judgmental approach is best.  Listen carefully and respectfully
to the parent's concerns.  Inform the parents of the risks and benefits of
each vaccine as well as the risks of each disease.  For parents who are
concerned about multiple vaccine at one visit, develop a schedule that
spreads the vaccines out.  Continued refusal to vaccinate after adequate
discussion should be respected (unless the child is at significant risk of
serious harm during an epidemic).  In general, pediatricians should avoid
dismissing patients from their practice solely because of refusal to
So, if any parent out there is getting flack from their pediatrician for
raises questions or objections to having their child vaccinate.....refer
the pediatrician to the 2006 Red Book of Infectious Diseases so they can
"educate" themselves as to the practices and policies recommended by the
Academy of American Pediatricians.